United offering 25% discount on purchase of MileagePlus miles through December 31, 2013

While it’s not much of an offer, United has announced a promotion on the purchase of MileagePlus miles through December 31, 2013. You can purchase up to 100,000 MileagePlus miles per account per calendar year, though even with the promotion you’re still looking at paying ~2.8 cents per mile. So while it’s by no means a rate at which I’d speculatively buy miles, I guess it’s still better than the normal price of close to four cents per mile. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if we see a bigger bonus before the end of the year, maybe some number of bonus miles in addition to the 25% discount.


(Tip of the hat to LoyaltyLobby)


  1. 100K miles is a round trip award to Europe. So $2800 doesn’t seem so bad.

    …with limited availability, no EQM earning, and a really bad deal compared to promos at US Airways going on right now where you can generate at 1.13 cpm instead of 2.8 (and the award to Europe can be routed through North Asia and cost 90K miles).

    So it’s not really a great promo, like Lucky says.

  2. FWIW, United miles can be purchased from other sources for around 2.3 cents so paying 2.8 isn’t a good deal. Plus, there are ways to get them directly from United for less by buying a ticket, buying miles, then cancelling/refunding ticket.

  3. @ Lucky Are we caught up on trip reports? When will you be hitting the road again and making us envious? (As exciting as these mileage deals and credit card offers are…we’ll be thirsting for another TR soon. Or an update on Seattle and if you’re staying or moving.) ;-p

  4. @ Peter — Hah I actually still have to write about the trip I took with my dad to Europe a couple of weeks ago, but then caught up. Worry not, Peter, I’m traveling almost nonstop for the rest of the year. So no need for you to travel, since I’d hate for you to miss any of the updates. 😉

  5. Ze trip vit Dad? More Bennie stories? Ausgezeichnet!

    I recall now that you hinted at some of those trips like the Groundhog Day experience you’ll have to/from Brazil from every airport in the land (ok–not quite that many). 😉 I’ll be sure to stay put and not miss any! Safe travels.

  6. Just got an email from UAL and it looks like they’ve upped the offer to 30% until 10/14. Looks to be targeted since MP # is pre-filled on the form.

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