TAM to exit Star Alliance March 30, 2014, and join OneWorld March 31, 2014

Even though LAN and TAM announced their intentions to merge back in 2010, not much has changed at either airline as they have continued to operate independently without much coordination. While it has been determined for a while now that TAM will leave Star Alliance and join OneWorld, no date has been set till today. It has now been confirmed that TAM will exit Star Alliance on March 30, 2014, and join OneWorld on March 31, 2014.

Ultimately I find the current situation to be pretty decent, since you can earn and redeem American AAdvantage miles for travel on TAM even though they’re still in Star Alliance, though it’ll be nice to get OneWorld benefits on TAM as well.

Sadly TAM releases virtually no longhaul premium cabin award space, and even doesn’t release much space on shorthaul flights either. That’s in stark contrast to LAN, which is actually quite generous when it comes to releasing award space. Here’s to hoping that eventually they follow LAN’s lead!


  1. Well, TAM has changed quite a few of their long-haul routes to coordinate them with LAN (mainly out of GIG), the flight schesules between their mais hubs ( GRU and SCL) has changed as well, they are working in the same terminal in many airports (for example, TAM changed their terminal in MAD in August) and some believe that TAM might be rebranded as LAN Brasil by 2015. Also, TAM’s flete is starting to look similar to LAN’s as well.

  2. Also, I’m a Star Gold through TAM. Do you think there will be any chances of a status match from other carriers? TAP? Avianca?

  3. TAM sucks, it used to be the best brazilian airline in the late 80’s. Last year, I redeem an award, BOS-GRU-on UA and there was GRU=CGB on Tam, TAM canceled the last leg of the Award ticket. GRU=CGB.

  4. Star Alliance is terrible in South America… will be interesting to see how or if they deal with it. Right now United flies directly from NYC to Sao Paulo and Bogota and that’s it with no Star Alliance code-shares possible once TAM exits – totally sucks. If you want to go anywhere easily in South America you need to Fly LAN/AA – so unless you fly a lot (meaning have considerable miles/status on both One World and Star Alliance) you are screwed if you want to fly to SOuth America unless I am missing something you can’t fly to Rio, Lima, Santiago and Buenos Aires directly (without a connection) on a Star Alliance Carrier from NYC. WTF?

  5. @Mark. United has a EWR-EZE daily flight (UA847) and also UA7400, JFK-GIG. Those are the 2 from the top of my head….

  6. United flies from ORD, IAH and IAD to GRU. EWR-GRU follows on to GIG. There are also flights from Air Canada to GRU and Copa flies to several Brazilian cities.

  7. Lucky, will I be able to accrue UA MP miles for JJ marketed/LP operated flights? Traveling in a week:


    JJ8224 GRU-LIM
    JJ6608 LIM-LAX

    The whole TAM/LAN thing is really a cluster ***k. I have a TAM ticket (one flight operated by TAM, two by LAN). TAM requires that you deal with LAN for those flights, and LAN tells you to deal with TAM since it’s their ticket number. Two separate PNRs to boot! Good riddance to these clowns.

  8. I’m so pissed off – Tried to book a flight from TAM website and one legs is actually serviced by LAN..even if you dial the TAM booking number listed on their webiste 1888 -2flytam…an pan agent picks it up..i ended up purchasing the ticket over the phone since i kept getting an error message on the website. Now they are telling me that I can’t add my united Airlines miles number because LAN is not part of the star alliance program…and what it is worse is that the LAN Rep over the phone kept saying LAN and TAM are the same company…but one gives start alliance program and other doesn’t..I swear I wanted to choke him!

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