Lufthansa Miles & More offering discounted 55,000 mile business class redemptions between the US and Europe

Lufthansa’s Miles & More program is running a promotion for travel between select destinations in the US and Europe. The promotion is valid for awards booked through October 31, 2013, and for travel between October 8 and November 16, 2013. Through this promotion roundtrip economy class costs just 30,000 miles, and roundtrip business class costs 55,000 miles.

You can find the full list of eligible markets here. The major restriction seems to be that travel is valid primarily for travel from Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, and Philadelphia. There are dozens of eligible destinations in Europe, so they’re less restrictive there.

Lufthansa Miles More Promotion

The catch with redeeming through Miles & More is that they impose huge fuel surcharges on redemptions, typically about $800 roundtrip for business class. So between the fuel surcharges and taxes expect to pay about $1,000 roundtrip in business class.

Generally I tend to think the best use of Miles & More miles is for travel in Lufthansa or Swiss first class given that they’re largely off limits to those with miles in partner programs. But if you have around 55,000 miles through the recent sign-up bonus on Lufthansa’s co-branded credit in the US, this certainly isn’t a bad use of miles.

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  1. Glad to see they finally have a sale on more than economy tickets and not only out of Detroit (which was the case a week or two ago). But given that LH business class doesn’t appear to be all that special, perhaps a good goal to aim for would be getting enough miles by the end of the year for LX F flight (since LX F awards won’t be bookable by non-HON after January 1, 2014, if I recall).

  2. ….but as you have recently pointed out Lufthansa has a shit business class worse by your own evaluation than US Carriers! Still it beats coach 😉

  3. LH does allow you to pay the fuel and taxes in miles to get a completely free ticket. Normally with “mileage bargain” fares this means that you pay the normal award price. Also – a caveat – if I remember correctly, “mileage bargain” fares are non-refundable, so if you cancel the ticket, you do not get your miles back!

  4. Lucky, this is not a one time promotion. This goes on year round. It just has different city pairs come in and out.

    The options are usually Lufthansa and sometimes Austrian and even less on LOT. However, LOT has yq about $120 and you can snag their new business class on the 787… which I knew you love a LOT. :-p

  5. I’m a bit of a noob… but this sounds like a good deal. I don’t have a miles & more account, so I can’t see the fuel surcharges n such. What are the fuel surcharges like for economy class?

    Also, can united miles be transfered to Lufthansa?

  6. @ Tom — Unfortunately there’s not a way to transfer another mileage currency to Miles & More. The coach fuel surcharges are usually $500 roundtrip between the US and Europe (plus taxes), so in coach I don’t think it actually ends up being that great of a deal.

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