AviancaTaca Lifemiles offering a 100% bonus on transferred miles through October 15, 2013

AviancaTaca’s Lifemiles program has just announced that they’ll be offering a 100% bonus on transferred miles through October 15, 2013.


Or more accurately I should say that if you transfer miles to your friends they will “receive the double.” šŸ˜€

Through this promotion you can transfer between 1,000 and 50,000 miles at a cost of 1.5 cents each. AviancaTaca has also run several 100% bonuses on the purchase of miles in the past (most recently in April), and that has been at the same rate of 1.5 cents per mile.

As I’ve written about in the past, there are some things that are awesome about Lifemiles and some things that suck about them. The things I love about Lifemiles include:

  • They allow one-way awards at half the cost of a roundtrip
  • They donā€™t impose fuel surcharges on award redemptions
  • They have competitive redemption rates (you can find their Star Alliance award chart here)
  • As long as you have 40% of the miles needed for a redemption, you can purchase the remaining miles at the time you issue your ticket for as little as 1.56 cents per mile

And then there are two things I hate with a passion about Lifemiles:

  • Their call center is HORRIBLE, so if your redemption requires servicing over the phone, you might as well forget about it
  • They donā€™t allow mixed cabin awards, meaning if you book a business class award all segments have to be in business class

Anyway, this promotion is definitely worth keeping in mind. I do think the promotion US Airways is running right now is a bit more lucrative, but under certain circumstances this can be a really good deal as well.

The last word of caution I’d add is that Lifemiles has a history of devaluing their programs without notice, so I wouldn’t do anything with this promotion unless you have a near immediate use for the miles.

(Tip of the hat to Apurva)


  1. Don’t forget they are one of the few Star Alliance members that allow newer fleet Business Class redemption on Singapore Airlines!

  2. I ran into a tech issue and could not complete the transfer. They require you pick your country at checkout and the list did not include my country (USA).

  3. @ charles — The US is listed there, it’s just out of order. You should see “United States of America” listed between “Spain” and “Estonia.”

  4. The ‘sweet spot’ for cash+miles is now approx 48% in miles, the rest in cash. At that point, the 52% of the miles cost 1.5c each.

  5. @ Eli — I can’t guarantee it, but much like you I don’t see any restriction as to how long the account has to be open.

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