American Express “Small Business Saturday” will offer $10 per card this year

One of the most lucrative promotions that American Express has run the past few years is “Small Business Saturday,” whereby in the past you’ve gotten a $25 statement credit when making a $25 purchase at a small business the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Even more generous is that each authorized user on an American Express card is eligible for the bonus, so if you had four authorized users you could get the $25 statement credit for each card. I wrote about it last year here.

While “Small Business Saturday” will return this year, per the FAQs they’ve published, it appears as if the credit will be changed from $25 to $10 per card this year:

Is there an American Express statement credit offer for Card Members for this year’s Small Business Saturday?

Yes. American Express is offering Card Members the opportunity to get a one-time $10 statement credit when they register any eligible American Express® Card and use it on 11/30/13 to spend $10 or more in a single in-store transaction at a qualifying small business that appears on the Small Business Saturday Map.

On one hand I’m sure we’re all grateful it’s back, on the other hand I’m sure some of us are sad that it’s a $10 credit and not a $25 credit, but I don’t think anyone should be surprised. I actually would’ve guessed that they’d keep the limit at $25 this year, but wouldn’t include authorized users in the promotion.

Anyway, registration for the promotion will open on November 24, 2013, and I’ll post again at that time.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up! I don’t think it’s worth going to a lot of trouble to maximize the promotion at $10/card, so I’m glad Amex told us about the lower amount sooner rather than later.

  2. I’ll skip it this year. Not worth any effort. May also drop one Amex card where I kind of counted the $25 a partial offset to annual fee.

  3. @Lucky,
    Thanks for heads-up. So, all additional users will get $10 statement credit if each user registers and spend $10, right?

    If so, I am going to add all my family members as users to maximize my benefits.

  4. Between me and my husband we have 13 Amex cards, will definitely skip, not going to waste my time for $10 per card.

  5. Does AMEX have a twitter handle for this we can tweet our disappontment to? I agree with most people here – not worth the hassle for $10. Will use AMEX cards that day for things I would normally do, such as restaurants and bars, but will not go out of my way to buy gift certificates or other merchandise at small businesses.

  6. Also take notice that this year it appears that AMEX will only provide the statement credit for purchases made at a Small Business that has been registered and appear on the “Small Business Saturday Map”. This is different from prior years where AMEX provided the statement credit for any small business where you made the minimum purchase. So if you have a favorite small business, make sue they get themselves registered so that they appear on the Map.

  7. I think you’re all missing the point of Small Business Saturday, people! It is so much more hassle to shop at the mall or big box stores than at small unique shops with friendly service. American Express is generous with even a $10 credit. Seriously.

  8. The only place around me I could use this at last year was literally a liquor store. And it was worth it at $25 per user, even with the way inflated prices there (I would have never have gone there otherwise). But $10? Eh, forget it. Thanks for the info though.

  9. I think Amex has been way generous to do $25 so many years in a row. They must be losing tons of money on this. I say you’re lucky to get $10 and better take advantage of it while you can. Go eat a free lunch or something!

  10. @Williams: …”so many years “…

    Not many years, I think 2 years, maybe 3 years at most. Considering that Amex charges 6%+ fee to merchants (compared to ~2% fee charged by Master and Visa), I believe they should offer this kid of promotion. They are not generous IMHO.

  11. Similar to what Steve posted above, in the past it was only a liquor store that was registered on the site. I’m a bit disappointed in the $15 reduction, and am glad I didn’t bank on that to offset a fee for another card.

    However, I’ll take the $10 which when combined with a liquor rebate, should net me $15 or more off a bottle of liquor for the holidays.

  12. @ Christopher This is the same policy that was in effect last year. I remember reading it in the T&C last year.

    To the others who have said “won’t waste my time” or “not worth the hassle”… HUH? How much of a hassle is it to register your card(s)? And it’s not hard at all to find a Small Business (that takes AmEx).

  13. Hey…it’s not for the money silly – it’s just an added incentive to highlight the fact that it’s smart and nice to support small businesses!

  14. I got the message when trying to register my wife who also has a card on my account. Is there something different I need to do?

    The Card you have entered is already registered. Use your registered Card on Nov 30 to spend $10 or more in a single, in-store transaction at a qualifying small business location that appears on the Small Business Saturday® Map. Online transactions do not qualify.

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