US Airways offering up to 100% bonus miles on flights through November 17, 2013

Boy, someone at Dividend Miles sure is in a good mood today. First US Airways announced a 100% bonus on shared miles, and now they announced up to a 100% bonus on flown miles through November 17, 2013.


Anyway, registration for the promotion is required by November 17, 2013, and based on which activities you complete you can earn either a 50% or 100% mileage bonus on flown miles, as follows:

Field goal – 50% bonus miles on fall flights

Touchdown – 100% bonus miles on fall flights

Only flights on US Airways qualify, and bonus miles will be posted 6-9 weeks after the completion of eligible activity. This is one heck of a promotion! I sure wish the other legacies would match, though historically they don’t match these types of promotions from US Airways.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. I’m not clear on this, would I need to complete all 6 tasks to get the 100% bonus, or just the 3 listed in that category?

    And… am I reading correctly that if I sign up for this promotion and I achieve the 50% or 100% bonus, then I am forfeiting the miles to be used toward chairman’s club status?

  2. @ Janet — You would just need to complete one in each category as far as I can tell.

    This doesn’t impact the elite qualifying miles you’d earn towards status.

  3. Lucky,

    Do you know if I would get the bonus miles even if the flight is credited to a partner airline like Aegean?


  4. Thanks, that’s what I figured. I’ll be getting some Dividend miles while my five year old son earns his way to Aegean Gold!

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