Details of Hilton’s fourth quarter 2013 promotion revealed?

Several major hotel chains have already published the details of their fourth quarter promotions. Hyatt is offering tiered bonuses, up to 2,500 points per night. Starwood is offering double base Starpoints plus 2,500 bonus Starpoints after staying five nights. And IHG Rewards Club is offering a “challenge” of sorts whereby you have to complete different tasks to earn bonus points.

While Hilton hasn’t officially released the details of their fourth quarter promotion, LoyaltyLobby seems to have the scoop. The next global promotion will apparently be “More Nights, More Points,” and run from October 10, 2013, to January 31, 2014. The promotion is pretty straightforward — you earn double base points for stays of two nights, triple base points for stays of three nights, and quadruple base points for stays of four or more nights.

This is an interesting promotion since it’s actually most rewarding for the weekly road warrior and does nothing for the person making just one night stays.

So while I don’t value Hilton points much, this promotion does have the potential to be extremely lucrative. You ordinarily earn 10 base points per dollar, so you’d earn an additional 30 points per dollar, for a total of 40 points per dollar. In addition to that, if you’re a Diamond member you get an additional five points per dollar, and if you pay with one of Hilton’s “premium” co-branded credit cards you get an extra 10-12 points per dollar. That’s potentially a total of up to 57 points per dollar.

I’ll post once the promotion becomes official, because I assume there will be a pretty big list of excluded properties, as usual. Regardless, I assume this promotion will be sucky for some and awesome for others.


  1. @Lucky,
    The most recent time Hilton launched this promotion (quadruple for 4+ nights) was in 1Q2011. At that time, it attracted many of my colleagues and friends to hilton.

    I guess Hilton lost many elite members (including many of my colleagues and me) after its major devaluation last year. So, it has to provide more incentive to win back old customers. 🙂

  2. @ jana miller — Not positive since they haven’t published the official promotion yet. I’m thinking it could go either way.

  3. I guess the devil is going to be in details (T&Cs). Starwood promo looks nice on a surface for a frequent traveler due to 2,500 points for every five nights part (esp. since you can get additional 500 points per night with Make A Green Choice) but the max is 10,000 bonus points (i.e. 20 nights).

  4. Quadruple base points for 4+ nights??? With all my travel to NYC, I could pull down enough points for (the inflated requirements for) Gold in one trip, lol. I’m sure Ivan Y has a great point that there is a limit for the promotion, or maybe a limit per trip.

  5. @ gobluetwo — Keep in mind the points requirements for status are based on base points, so bonus points don’t qualify towards that.

  6. Wow, what a truly useless promotion for those of us that mainly have single night stays! On the upside I won’t be missing out on much on all the stays I’ve transferred to IHG for their Big Win promo 🙂

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