Brussels Airport produces the greatest video ever!

Last month I shared a link to a video Munich Airport made, which was, well… I really don’t know what to say, other than that it left me speechless. As a refresher, here it is:

Via @PeterLoh, it looks like Brussels Airport made a similar video earlier this year:

Is that the greatest video ever… or the greatest video ever?

So who wins the award for greatest/cheesiest/awesomest/worstest video ever — Brussels Airport or Munich Airport?


  1. I vote for Munchen. It seems to have a greater emotional impact, and the fact that (I believe) the first 2 people we see are the actual airport managers gives it a bit more gravitas.

    Why make these videos? To improve morale. I’m sure that the people in them appreciated the opportunity to be in a “real” professional production.

  2. Hi,

    @Miles: our entire management committee are there as well, they’re all in the scene dressed up as different nationalities and throwing airplanes (00:34).

    The people who participated really loved to be in a “real” professional production, as you said. It’s fun!

    And of course, we vote for Brussels! 😉

  3. I think Munich video is most definitely campier/cheesier of the two – not sure that was the intent as the production values seem very high.

    Brussels video seems more earnest and good-hearted. Not sure if they used an outside company but has a feel of a fun project they came up with & executed internally (wrote their own song too).

    P.S. If anyone’s wondering about a purple sign in Brussels video (at 2:52), it’s a duty-free sign in Russian.

  4. @Ivan Y: I think the answer is simply that the MUC video was made by Germans. I lived there, and I recall that a common term in “Neudeutsch” (English) is “Just-for-fun.” That’s because that concept itself is foreign and people have to really stretch themselves to be lighthearted. 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing these, Lucky! Both look like they were great fun to make, well done both airports and their employees 🙂

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