American and Qatar Airways reciprocal partnership begins today

While Qatar Airways will officially be joining the OneWorld alliance as of October 30, 2013, they’ve already announced some partnerships with some OneWorld partner carriers prior to that. They’ve already been codesharing with American since February, and have a reciprocal mileage earning partnership with British Airways as of a few weeks ago. As part of that, British Airways announced that redemptions on Qatar Airways would be possible as of October 1, 2013.

However, American is taking their partnership with Qatar Airways beyond codesharing as of today, Monday, September 23. AAdvantage members can now earn and redeem miles for travel on Qatar Airways, and the same goes for members of Qatar Airways’ Privilege Club.

This opens up a lot of great award redemption options, given the coverage that Qatar Airways has to the Middle East and India. The only issue is that as of now there’s no easy way to search Qatar Airways award space online, so you’ll be best off calling to figure out award space. Hopefully once they officially join OneWorld their award space will display on British Airways’ website at a minimum.

Anyway, this is an exciting new partner, and it’ll be even more exciting once they officially join OneWorld so you can redeem your AAdvantage miles for a distance based award on Qatar Airways, which will be extremely lucrative.


  1. I can wait a week to search space.
    The thought of waiting on the phone while searching 1 flight at a time is enough
    I will probably need a week time at that rate to find and use the space anyway.
    Does EF or KVS display award space on QR?
    I think KVS is waiting for BA to display it.

  2. I presume since Qatar Airways is still yet not part of one world officially, so no go for AA explorer awards? Did I understand that correctly?

  3. I know this is off topic but can I convert my Forward Visa Card into an AA Visa Card and still get the bonus? I never had an AA card before. I just started this game about a year and half ago. I was trying to get my forward visa into an AA Visa. and try to apply to MC in my next app-o-rama and apply for US Airways MC. Total haul would be 135K AA miles. Assuming AA/US merger goes thru.

  4. @ AKcredit — Don’t think you can convert the products (I could be wrong though), and if you could convert it I doubt you’d get the bonus. That being said, you can cancel your current card and instead apply for the Citi AA card, which is what I’d do.

  5. Hi Lucky;

    Can you elaborate more on where the sweet spot will be on distance based awards?

    For example, how many short hops around their base in Doha would it take before it’s a better deal than the straight award (assuming departure from Seattle)?


  6. Lucky
    I looked up flight availability on QR
    The codes are the same as EY for now till Oct 1 per KVS
    O I & X for F C & Y awards
    I can see days with I7 on them, but interestingly it also displays O7
    on flights to NA which should not be there
    Interestingly they go to Z U & X after Oct 1 and I do not see any space on those codes after Oct 1

  7. @ ffi — Interesting, though I don’t believe that’s correct. I called American today to ask about availability on some routes, and they were seeing virtually no space, especially to North America.

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