Kimpton “raid the minibar” credit now valid at the bar

I’ve written in the past about Kimpton’s Inner Circle program, which I find to be one of the more interesting hotel status programs out there. And in general I really love what Kimpton stands for, how they treat their guests and employees, and that they just generally do business “right.” The one major downside of Kimpton is their limited number of properties, and unfortunately far too many over their already limited number of properties are more or less within a few blocks of one another.

Anyway, one of the cool perks of the program is that just for joining their InTouch program you get a $10 “raid the minibar” credit, which is, as the name suggests, a $10 minibar credit per stay.

Per an email I just received from Kimpton it seems they’ve extended this credit to the bar, so that $10 credit can now be redeemed at the bar instead of the minibar. I’d say that’s a pretty awesome benefit given that you just have to join their program to be eligible.


There are a few properties that are excluded, though, per the terms & conditions:

Welcome to the terms and conditions, a.k.a. “small print.” The $10 credit ($15 in New York) is valid for items from the mini bar or in the bar/lounge area in the participating restaurant adjacent to hotel of origin. The following properties are not participating in this offer: Hotel Wilshire, Triton, Harbor Court, The Lumen, The George, Monaco Salt Lake City, Ink48, 70 Park Avenue and Eventi. You will receive the Raid the Mini Bar benefit at the non-participating hotels. The Tuscan Inn does not participate in the InTouch program.

Keep up the good work, Kimpton!


  1. This is a good move on their part. It makes the perk seem even better, while reducing the amount of mini-bars that need to be restocked every day with little change to incremental cost on their part.

  2. I like the fact that they give $5 extra of credit in NYC to account for the fact that everything is higher there.

  3. Something to note, typically–the “raid the minibar” credit doesn’t apply to those who are Inner Circle, as we receive our [AWESOME!] welcome amenities instead. That being said, depending on which property I’m at, the front desk may or may not go ahead and apply a credit toward the minibar as well.

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