Chase Ink Cards are now issued by Visa

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I’d argue the card with the single best sign-up bonus is the Chase Ink Card, which offers 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points after spending $5,000 within three months. Not only is the sign-up bonus great, but the card offers awesome long term perks, like:

  • 5x points on the first $50,000 spent annually at office supply stores, and on cellular phone, landline, internet, and cable TV services
  • 2x points on the first $50,000 spent annually at gas stations and on hotels
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • As we discovered the other day, access to the Mastercard Easy Savings program, which can be pretty lucrative

Anyway, what’s interesting is that those cards were previously issued as Mastercards, though in the past couple of weeks they’ve started to issue them as Visa Cards instead.

The good news is that similar to the Mastercard Easy Savings program, Visa has the Visa SavingsEdge program, which offers similar benefits. Furthermore, this should also give members access to the Visa Signature Hotels program.

The question that remains to be seen is whether this is considered a “new product” or not. In other words, if you have the existing Ink Mastercards, would you be eligible for the new Ink Visa Cards? Anyone have any data points with that yet?

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  1. There are two ways to find out.
    1- Somebody try and see if they can get the signup bonus. Problem with this is that it would be at a minimum one billing cycle before we would know if they got their points.

    2- Someone contact Chase in the right department with the proper authority to answer this question. I would try this option but I have no idea who to contact there. A general call center number is probably not going to be productive nor reliable.

  2. I think one of the biggest differences will be the CDW. I think Mastercard is superior to visa in that regard. (Especially internationally).

  3. Interesting. Got the Ink Plus a couple months ago as a standard Mastercard (when I read somewhere that it was a World Mastercard). Then a few weeks ago I got a new Ink Plus as a World Elite Mastercard (which is better than World Mastercard which is similar/better than Visa Signature).

  4. Agree with Dr. Wu re CDW. Also, someone inthe View From The Wing post on cdw said that ink bold is primary, ink plus cdw is secondary. That plus the Avis discount makes it worthwhile to keep (I had been thinking that I’d drop to ink classic to save the fee, now probably won’t unless I can somehow get another bonuses I drop it).

  5. Agree with Dr Wu, Ink Bold CA is primary on rentals.
    I have one of the Ink Classic visa’s that has the “Exclusives” 20% monthly bonus. Anyone know if other Inks still have that? I asked an associate at Chase and they were clueless.

  6. I had Ink Plus mastercard, applied for new ink card last week got the Ink visa this time. So yes you can got both INK.

  7. lucky, two simple questions:
    1. what’s the difference between Ink Bold and Ink Plus?
    2. would you recommend Ink or Sapphire if you can only apply for one?

  8. I got both Ink Plus MC and was approved of the Ink Plus Visa yesterday (see blog post above). As far as the chase system is concerned, my Ink Visa has the 50k bonus points code with it. I had two separate Chase reps check.

    Since the product is brand new, I don’t think anyone got the bonus points yet, but I grilled the Chase rep to confirm I’ll get the points. She said that as this is a new product, I should get the points.

    Bold has no credit limit as its a charge card. Plus has a limit.

  9. I previously had the Ink Plus MC and now finished the 5k spend on the Ink Plus Visa. 50K points in my account once statement closed. Just one data point but seems to be able to get the 50k on both MC and Visa.

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