Singapore Airlines’ stunning new “Understanding Your Needs” ad

Earlier this week Singapore unveiled their latest ad campaign, named “The Lengths We Go.” Here’s their first commercial in their series, entitled “Understanding Your Needs:”

Absolutely stunning, in my opinion!


  1. Similarly, American based airlines try to provide us with a taste of home by microwaving “food” jammed packed with high fructose corn syrup and saturated fat.

  2. I think Lucky has a thing for the Singapore girls šŸ™‚

    One time, I saw a group of them smoking outside a hotel in uniform, that just ruined all that image their company built for them.

  3. Meh – an advert is an advert is an advert! Who cares how the seat is made or how/where the tea leaves are gathered; nor would a production line of young women assembling iPhones – shown in slow motion, of course – make me want to purchase one. I didn’t feel either an intellectual or emotional reaction to this or to the BA advertisement, slickly made though they may be.

  4. @Ed – i remember thinking the same thing the first time I saw a thia monk smoking outside a temple.

  5. Such overreaction for a commercial. Yeah it is a good airline, but a crappy airline can have great commercial too.

  6. They certainly do not understand my needs for wide open F class availability and failing that at least C class on each flight …..

  7. Whether you care or don’t care about the ad itself, one must give credit to SQ being creative and innovative in airlines advertising! I am stunned the whole thing only cost $5 million to make considering the locations and the the scale of production.

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