US Airways adds credit card benefits for those that spend $25,000+ per year

Update: Whoops, looks like at a minimum the 10,000 preferred qualifying miles aren’t anything new. Sorry, folks!

US Airways sent out an email to those with their co-branded Mastercard today, which reads in part as follows:


They really didn’t do a good job with this, in my opinion, since they say we can “enjoy some additional travel benefits,” as if we didn’t have them before. Except as far as I can tell they’re all old benefits, aside from the last point.

The card now seems to come with some additional benefits for those that spend $25,000 on the card in a calendar year:

  • Waived Dividend Miles processing fees. When you book a US Airways award ticket — regardless of whether it’s online or over the phone — there’s a $25-50 per person processing fee. This is waived for Gold Preferred members and above, as well as card members that spend at least $25,000 on their card.
  • 10,000 preferred qualifying miles. If you reach the $25,000 spend in a calender year, 10,000 base miles will be converted into preferred qualifying miles, getting you closer to status.

Here are the T&Cs:

5 Preferred-Qualifying Miles and Award Processing Fee Waiver (for Premier World & World Elite Cardmembers with $89 Annual Fee only): When a Cardmember spends at least $25,000 or greater in new Net Purchases (which are not later credited back or rescinded) (“Purchase Requirement”) within each calendar year, a total of 10,000 of those miles will be converted from base miles to Preferred-qualifying miles 4 to 8 weeks after the Purchase Requirement has been met. You can only qualify for maximum of 10,000 Preferred-Qualifying miles per year through this credit card program. Beginning 10 business days after the Purchase Requirement has been met and for 12 months thereafter, the US Airways Award Processing Fee will be waived provided the customer meets the Dividend Miles Select Eligibility Criteria above. The Award Processing Fee Waiver applies only to the Processing Fees listed below and is not a waiver of (i) any government or regulatory agency taxes, fees and surcharges or (ii) any other US Airways fees including quick ticketing fees, paper ticketing fees, change/redeposit fees and fees for tickets that are not booked on-line. The Award Processing Fees waived are: $25 per continental U.S./Alaska/Canada ticket, $35 per Latin America or Caribbean ticket, $50 per Hawaii or all other international destination tickets.

Not sure it’s worth putting much spend on the card for the waived processing fees alone. If you’re a US frequent flyer I guess the 10,000 preferred qualifying miles could be worth a good bit, though.

(Tip of the hat to Nate)


  1. What a joke with the waived fees. Do they always charge a basic fee or is that just a phone fee essentially? I would have thought from first glance waived fees would essentially equate to what top tier status would get you aka no fees. This is far from that.

  2. @ AdamH — They actually have a processing fee and a phone ticketing fee. However, they waive the phone ticketing fee if it’s an award that can’t be booked online.

  3. The 10K PQM’s at 25K have been a benefit nearly forever. Here’s a MMS post that mentions it from 2011:

    It also mentions waived award fees, though I don’t remember that one (doesn’t apply to Chairman’s Pref, so I wouldn’t have noticed). I suppose bringing that one back in part is nice?

    Also, while the Barclays reps will tell you otherwise, in my own experience and all anecdotal evidence I could gather, they actually convert 10K into PQM’s for EVERY 25K you spend 🙂

  4. Amol,
    The 10k PQMs are ALSO 10k RDMs.
    A US PQM is both a RDM+PQM
    so they “convert” a 10k RDM to 10k RDM+PQM at 25k spend

    The PQMs have been around since at leas 2005 that I know of.
    My mistake was closing BofA; They used to give PQMs too.
    at 25k x 4 one could hit 40k without getting up.
    There was a guy on FT who had 6 US cards and was hitting CP in 2006
    I have had 20k PQMs with 50k spend in 2008 during the crisis, but that was specified in an offer. Made Gold with 3 cards.

  5. So are the 10000 miles miles that you already earned and are simply designated PQMs or do you actually get a 10K bonus for spending 25K and those 10K are PQMs?

    If they really wanted to do something for cardholders they should add first bag free benefit like United and Delta have.

    Also the companion certificate is absurd with all of its fine print like the necessity to have the paper certificate(really? Its 2013), blackout dates and minimum spend.

  6. @ Dan — When you spend $25,000 it’s just a total of 25,000 RDMs and 10,000 PQMs, so you’re not getting any bonus RDMs unfortunately.

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