American website now displays Royal Jordanian award space

American has greatly improved their online award search tool over the past year or so. Going back a bit over a year they only displayed American and British Airways award space on their website, while they now additionally display award space on Air Berlin, Alaska, Finnair, Hawaiian, and Qantas.

I’m sure most of us would love to see Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines award space on, though instead we get award space on one of their few remaining OneWorld partners — Royal Jordanian.

Anyway, when searching award space on you should now see Royal Jordanian options show up. In North America they fly to Chicago, Detroit, Montreal, and New York. They also have some fifth freedom routes within Asia, like my flight on them from Bangkok to Hong Kong.





  1. Easier access to checking out award space is great but not sure I’d ever want to fly RJ based on your report.

  2. @Ivan Y:
    I flew RJ from BKK-AMM-ORD and certainly didn’t have the same issues Lucky did. Weather was good, at least, so I can’t speak to the horrors of the experience. I found the seats to be comfortable, the food and service to be fine if unspectacular. Granted, I slept most of the time I was on both of those flights. Lucky seems to have had a really nasty experience start to finish. But it’s not a bad option, and a great option if you want to see Petra, Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, etc. without many stopovers if you’re based in Chicago, NY, etc.

  3. Of course it’s a benefit. Greater transparency in award bookings can only be a net plus, despite what some people think about the products being displayed.

    And while the topic is up – don’t you think that if RJ really had a lax safety culture, there would be more than one report about it? I think we all know what happened on the flight Lucky was on – there was bad weather and it was handled poorly. Done and done.

  4. From some of the previous posts, I heard that AA is also showing code share flights with Qatar airways ahead of the anticipated one world merger. Is it possible to include those code share flights for an explorer award booking? Any thoughts?

  5. I’ve actually taken them in Biz BKK-HKG. Fortunately, I didn’t encounter the issues Lucky went thru on this same route. It was OK for a 3 hour flight. Food was pretty bad, and it did seem like the Female Thai FAs were doing all the work while the rest were just chit-chatting in the galley.

    Awesome post and I think RJ is still a great option if CX or Thai is not available.

  6. @ Dave D — I feel much better. Honestly once I wrote the final portion of my trip report for that segment I felt like an immense weight was lifted off my shoulders.

    I still get a bit uneasy when the weather gets bad at low altitudes because I have flashbacks, but other than that I’m fine, fortunately!

  7. @ caveman — Unfortunately till they formally join OneWorld they can’t be included on an Explorer Award.

  8. Lucky, after your experience with them, that is one AA partner I don’t think I will fly. You are a great writer and I still have visions bouncing in my head of the horrible experience you had.

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