American AAdvantage miles can now be redeemed for travel on TAM

A couple of weeks ago American announced they would begin codesharing with TAM, which will eventually be making the transition from Star Alliance to OneWorld.

While the codesharing and ability to earn miles began on August 22, 2013, they announced that it would only be possible to start redeeming American miles for travel on TAM later in the year.

Well, apparently “later this year” is now, because it’s now possible to redeem American miles for travel on TAM. This isn’t earth shattering news, since TAM is incredibly stingy with award space. I’ve never seen them release first class award space, and they don’t release much business or coach award space, not to mention they don’t have an amazing product.

Still, for travel in certain markets this will be incredibly useful, especially for travel within South America. In order to redeem American miles for travel on TAM you have call AAdvantage. My guess would be that American has access to the same TAM award space that the rest of the Star Alliance has access to.

(Tip of the hat to Pete)


  1. Can you still redeem *A miles on TAM? Need to add a segment on TAM next March, but they only load their calendar 90 days out.

  2. hmm I can’t find some TAM routes that I used to via And now some IATA codes show up on AA (just not actually searchable).

    For instance, FOR-REC.

  3. I think that when TAM devaluated their program a couple of months ago, they started releasing space more than three months out, because this was a restriction of their own program

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