Aeroplan offering up to 9,000 bonus miles for Starwood stays through December 15, 2013!

Aeroplan and Starwood have teamed up to offer an extremely generous promotion for bonus Aeroplan miles on Starwood stays, very similar to what they offered last year.


They’re offering bonus miles for stays between September 1 and December 15, 2013, as follows:

  • 5,000 bonus miles after five qualifying nights
  • 7,000 bonus miles after seven qualifying nights (cumulative)
  • 9,000 bonus miles after nine qualifying nights (cumulative)


These nights can be accrued across multiple stays, meaning any nine qualifying nights during the promotion period will qualify. Only paid rates are eligible, so award nights and cash & points rates wouldn’t qualify towards this promotion. The best part is that this can be stacked with any other Starwood promotion, so you can still earn Starpoints and even take advantage of the “Take Two” promotion while earning bonus Aeroplan miles.

Registration is required.

As I said last time, there’s something just a bit ironic about the fact that stays at any Starwood hotel count towards Aeroplan’s promotion, while there’s a list of excluded hotels for Starwood’s fall promotion.

(Tip of the hat to Mike)


  1. Thanks for the heads-up Lucky & Mike, Picked up the 5k last year (my only Aeroplane miles ever, not one of my usual earning partners) and will extend them with this promotion.

  2. Note for people who, like me, aren’t avid Aeroplan collectors and are in Canada or northern US states: This promo can be enough to get you a one-way flight. A short-haul round-trip on AC metal (only — no UA or US flights) is 15,000 miles and starting in 2014 all awards will be available one-way at 50%. So with 7,500 miles from this promo you can get an award flight like YOW-LGA or SEA-YYC.

  3. I have never been a member of the Aeroplan program but if it is a pure add-on I am debating whether it is worth it to open an account. Agreed free is always good but with 9K miles will I be able to get any value out of it. I don’t anticipate collecting more miles in this program.

  4. Are you guys all serious? Slow times in the blogosphere me thinks. So I get 1k devalued AE miles per night? And this is supposed to be a great promotion? What are you spending per night to make this worthwhile? AE is devaluing their plan again come 2014 and this is just another joke. I can’t believe anyone would think this was something exciting.

  5. Maybe if you stack this as Gary says it could ok if you have stays upcoming anyway, otherwise you can barely do a o.w. in Y transborder – and not even until next year!

  6. @ Stephan – Your second post got it, doubling up the promotions and have to re-qual for platinum anyways. The AE miles are just an added bonus.

  7. @ Stephan — Yes, it is great, because this is just an added bonus for which you’re not giving up anything else. You still earn points as usual, so if you’d make the stays otherwise these are “free” miles. This promotion shouldn’t drive purchase decisions, but if you’re making the stays anyway…

  8. @ Unclesam — Might as well open an account. Maybe they’ll offer the promotion again next year, and then you can take advantage of it again. 😉

  9. @Lucky,
    I am not sure I will be able to earn aeroplane miles on top of my starwood points and miles?

    In particuarly, if I stay at spg 9/1/2013 through 12/15/2013, I will earn
    1. the regular spg points ($X3 as a platinum);
    2. double spg bonus points (through their quarterly promotion);
    3. double spg bonus points (after I responded to spg’s “regaining platinum status email” and chose double points instead of 35% discount for the month of Dec 2013);
    4. crossover reward of delta skymiles ($ for $ at room rate);
    5. 1,000 delta skymiles when I choose Sheraton Club Room & Lounge rate.

    By registering at Aeroplane promotion, can I earn 1,000 aeroplane miles on top of the above 5 items?

    Don’t worry if you can not answer. I have sent an email to spg reward staffs for answers.

  10. @Unclesam,

    I don’t have an account with aeroplane. But if I can earn aeroplane miles on top of my 5 spg reward items (shown in abiove message), I would definitely stay 9 nights at spg by 12/15/2013.

    Although I have regained my spg plat in Feb 13 (by 21 stays) and am planning to stay through year-end at marriott (to expedite my progress towards marriott lifetime platinum), I think it is worthwhile to switch 9 nights from my planned marriott stays to starwood. If you wear my shoes (i.e., not in lack of stays for hotel elite status), do you agree?

  11. @Lucky,
    Thanks for quicky. I agree with you, too, based on their promotion statement. However, I encountered a terrible situation that destroyed my confidence on spg promotion statement.

    Starwood has an ongoing promotion to earn extra 1,000 delta skymiles or 1,000 US airways miles that expires March 2014. During May – July 2013, US Airways has a promotion to add 50% bonus miles if I earn US Airways miles from my hotel stays. So, I choose the 1,000 US Airways miles (instead of 1,000 delta skymiles). I asked spg staff Amanda (in Canada) beforehand and her answered okay — I would earn spg points, delta miles PLUS extra 1,000 US Airways miles.

    Spg did not give me the 1,000 US Airways miles and after my repeated requesting, Amanda said, because my account got stuck with delta sykmiles (due to Crossover reward registration), I had to stop crossover reward (will register again after I finish this promotion), change my spg earning mode to US Airways miles direct deposit mode, and then spg will convert all my earned spg points from this stay at 1:1 ratio into US Airways miles, plus giving my 1,000 US Airways miles.

    You know SPG points versus US Airways miles at 1:1 is not a good deal (1:1.25 if I convert 20,000 spg pts). But, because US Airways add 50% bonus miles (to make my spg points to US Airways miles conversion at 1:1.5), I accept this spg deal. It took my about 3 weeks for spg to finish the entire process. I am tired by spg.

  12. I’m not sure why Aeroplan is giving away their miles on top of SPG points (to drum up more business?) but, okay, this motivated me to join Aeroplan since there’s no downside.

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