And this is why I love flying…

This video has been circulating for a few days, though for whatever reason haven’t posted it till now:

Simply stunning, probably the highest quality air-to-air video I’ve ever seen.

(Tip of the hat to Brady)


  1. Great video. Really captures the wonder of aviation that so many of us are captivated by. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice. Here’s a nice video of flying in Switzerland, It’s a bit long at 7min, but it gives you an idea how high you can go without an engine using the power that nature provides:

  3. Great video. Although I don’t see how it is related to your ‘flying’. As far as I know, you are far from a pilot or even engineer type, and your ‘flying’ is mainly sitting/laying in a metal tube with a small hole to peek out. Does it really matter to you what the tubes look like from outside? 🙂

  4. My father was a pilot in the USAF, and he didn’t stop flying until he was 71 years old, when he just wasn’t healthy enough to do it anymore. My first flight was when I was 6 months old, and I truly believe his love of flying was passed on to me. Here’s a glimpse in to what his world would have been like. It was shot entirely by pilots, and includes every thing from mock air fights to mid air refueling. I hope you enjoy.

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