American announces mileage earning structure for TAM flights

A week ago American announced that they’d begin codesharing with TAM as of yesterday, August 22, 2013.

At the time they didn’t publish their earnings chart for travel on TAM, though in the meantime they have, and it looks as follows:


That’s actually quite generous, with 100% miles being earned on all published international fares, and 50% miles being earned on some intra-Brazil fares. Unfortunately best I can tell these flights aren’t eligible for elite qualifying miles or points, but rather just redeemable miles.

I’d say “here’s to hoping award reciprocity comes soon as well,” but since TAM doesn’t really release much premium cabin award space…


  1. Definitely hoping… what’s your guess of when award reciprocity usually occurs after codeshare agreement?

  2. @ Allen — During the last announcement they said that redemption reciprocity will be available starting later this year.

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