500 American AAdvantage miles for playing Disney Planes game (targeted)

Update: It appears as if not everyone gets the 500 AAdvantage miles, though it may still be worth playing as I got the 500 miles on the first try.

A few weeks ago American ran a cool promotion in conjunction with the Disney movie “Planes,” whereby they gave you a 10% off certificate just for playing a game online.

Well, it seems they’re offering a very similar promotion now, except they’re offering 500 bonus AAdvantage miles instead of a 10% off certificate. Ultimately you’re being entered to win a trip for four around the world, though I think the real prize is the 500 AAdvantage miles you get just for entering.

You can play the game here. You simply have to “hit” three of the targets with your plane (which, now that I write that, sounds a bit weird), and then you can click “Register.”


You’ll be prompted to enter your name, email, and AAdvantage number.


Then within seconds you should receive an email confirming that the 500 bonus AAdvantage miles will post within 7-10 business days.


The whole process should take less than two minutes, and for what it’s worth I value AAdvantage miles at around 1.8 cents each, so to me that’s $9 “worth” of miles. Now if only I could find a job where I could bill that on an hourly basis. 😉


  1. For 3 accounts, the registration page didn’t even say, “Congratulations on your prize.” It simply says to register, fill out the info.

  2. I had time to kill and unlocked all 24 targets. Though some were repeats (like chat with Klay Hall), there was only one target that stated the 500 miles deal. Perhaps one has to hit that target to get the miles?

    and yes… I got the 500 miles! Thanks Lucky!

  3. After the first account gave me nothing, I made certain to grab all 24 targets on an additional 3 family & friend accounts. Still no 500 miles. So no, it’s not going to work for everyone.

  4. Did you guys hit the icon that pops-up the 500 mile box? I hit all the 24 “surprises”. the 500 mile offer came somewhere in between.

  5. It appears the AAdvantage website is broken right now. Might not be the best time to play the game, just in case.

  6. Nope, didn’t get anything. Just an email with:

    You are now registered for a chance to win a trip for four around the world!

    We also hope to inspire you every time you fly with us. So we’re working toward modernizing our fleet in order to ensure you a comfortable and connected experience on our planes.

  7. I did it twice. Once with only 3 and then with all 24 items – both times I got no miles… Lame.

  8. Sadly, played 6 times (using incognito on Chrome, private browsing on Firefox, etc.) but never got the 500 points, only contest entries.

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