1. @cool,

    “According to the National Research by Household Sample (PNAD) of 2008, 48.43% of the population (about 92 million) described themselves as White; 43.80% (about 83 million) as Brown (Multiracial), 6.84% (about 13 million) as Black; 0.58% (about 1.1 million) as Asian; and 0.28% (about 536 thousand) as Amerindian (officially called indígena, Indigenous), while 0.07% (about 130 thousand) did not declare their race.”


  2. It just depends where you are in Brazil. I’m from near the capital (from a city called Goiania) and most people I knew there were white. That’s even more so the case the further south you head in Brazil. So I’ve encountered more racial diversity here in Boston where I live now than when I lived in Brazil. That being said, that video is great- so true haha.

  3. @ROK

    If you polled Americans the majority will claim that they are physically fit and not overweight.

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