Update on American’s fast track to elite status promotion

Yesterday American published a ridiculously generous fast track to elite status offer, which based on the terms & conditions didn’t seem to be targeted. Basically if you registered and flew just 30,000 miles between September 1 and December 31, 2013, you’d get Executive Platinum status through February 28, 2015.

While the terms & conditions didn’t point towards the promotion being targeted, American did pull the link within a few hours. The strange thing is that the offer was originally posted on American’s LinkedIn page, so I really don’t think they intended for it to be targeted, but probably also didn’t think it would be discussed as widely as it was.

So now the question has been whether they’ll honor the promotion, what happened, etc. Here’s an update from American in the Executive Platinum Facebook group:

Hi Everybody – yesterday was quite a day and I greatly appreciate your feedback in all forms and fashion! As you know, from time to time we run highly targeted offers to attract high-value customers. These offers are not intended to be publicly available or dilutive to the benefits that you have earned through your loyal flying on American. We believed the offer we launched yesterday to be significantly more targeted than it was, and as such took the offer down very quickly. The eligible customers who received the offer, registered for the promotion prior to its closing and achieve the mileage requirements during the stated time period will still receive status. We apologize for any confusion and appreciate your continued loyalty.

So if you’ve registered it sounds like you’ll be eligible — congrats to those that were able to register!


  1. Serious? so anyone who registered which i’m sure many did gets this fast track promotion? Seems to be tooooo good to be true….

  2. “Sorry, this page isn’t available

    The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.”

    Odd. Is it an official group? Maybe it is a hidden one.

  3. It’s a surprisingly customer friendly move, but it’s not *that* much different from AA’s challenges. I did one years ago, and 1 midcon r/t got me GLD (maybe I did 2 for PLT…?). Yes, this promo is much easier (and one can actually get EXP), but I didn’t see complaints about fast track status back then…

  4. There are at least two big wiggle words in the EXP post.

    “The [b]eligible[/b] customers who [b]received[/b] the offer, registered for the promotion prior to its closing and achieve the mileage requirements during the stated time period will still receive status. We apologize for any confusion and appreciate your continued loyalty.”

    Although the tone sounds positive the actual wording sends us back to debating who was “eligible” and who “received” the offer in the view of American Airlines. Not to mention that the information about which fares and code shares are eligible is no longer available to us. You could easily spend thousands and have little or nothing to show for it depending on how AA defines these terms. This offer was supposedly targeting non-elites but the only official reply is full of rather obvious loopholes and is posted on a page where the target group will never see it.

    So, yeah, color me skeptical.

  5. @ Tennen — Well right, though you note the two things that are different here — you can go all the way for EXP and you don’t have to pay for it, unlike the other challenges.

  6. The EXP FB group is a private group. For all the claims of kindness and helping I have read about the group, they’re rather hidden and uninviting, but AA continues to reach out to them even though not even all of their EXPs can get into the group.

  7. If I book two tickets on my account, is there any way to collect eqm for both flights? I’m looking at nyc to Lima Peru which I think is over 6k miles distance rt. If I can get both that’s 12k, enough to qualify for platinum. My wife didnt sign up in time before it was pulled. Currently planning to get a flight with miles, but may be willing to pay if I can get elite status at the same time.

  8. Thanks for the update, Ben!

    So are we or aren’t we “eligible” customers? 🙂 Think we’re back to square one!

  9. @ BOShappyflyer — Hah, well it seems based on the above that if you registered while the link was up you’re “eligible.” If you didn’t, then you’re not.

  10. @Lucky, I signed up, but I’m a Plat.. I’m assuming I’m not eligible?

    PS I;m kinda confused, if this group is a private group for exec-plat as T said, AA are addressing the eligibility question to a group of people who are not eligible for the offer from the beginning since the original TC stated its for non-elite members.. So why are they thanking for loyalty when the offer itself exclude those people??

  11. ah ok nvm, i think i understand the statement better.. Oh well, I’m still a lil upset that my potential 30k miles for the remainder of the yr wont help me reach exec plat while someone who never flew AA could, but guess there’s no point fretting over it again…

  12. Just fly 6000 miles , visit your mistress in LA 🙂 and see if you become Gold. That should be an indicator that it is good.

    AA is very vague here, the word is ELIGIBLE…..

  13. It’s been well over 24 hours and AA still isn’t talking, except through a privately run forum thats home to a tiny subset of members expressly excluded from participating. Anyone who books travel specifically for this offer should think twice and tread carefully. As for me Ill be sticking with my original plans and ignoring this retracted offer until something a lot more concrete appears, assuming it ever does and doesnt arrive so late that the window is too short.

  14. “The eligible customers who received the offer…” Thus, if you DID NOT RECEIVE the offer and still registered you are NOT ELIGIBLE.

  15. Santastico said,
    “The eligible customers who received the offer…” Thus, if you DID NOT RECEIVE the offer and still registered you are NOT ELIGIBLE.”

    I dont follow you.

    The offer was a conventional post on AAs Linked In page that anyone could see. How exactly do you determine who “received” an offer that was visible to anyone?

  16. My CAD$0.02 worth…

    1) This offer was not sent directly to anyone (i.e emailed), it was posted to social media. However, as a follower of AA on LinkedIn, I did “receive” it by merely viewing the ad as did those who saw it elsewhere.

    2) Their “target” were non-elite AAdvantage members.

    3) Based on the clearly written T&Cs, being “eligible” is anyone who does not have elite status, who registered with a code and received the confirmation email.

    4) IMHO, regardless of what you’re told by AA customer service, I don’t think anyone knows whether they’ll get elite status until you fly at least 6,000 miles, then wait a few days.

    I, for one, will be keenly watching shortly after Sept 1 to see who posts their rants or raves. Then hopefully book a couple MRs before Dec 31.

  17. I got a confirmation e-mail.

    I’ll probably take a flyer on a 6000 mile trip and see if I get Gold. If it happens, full speed ahead…

  18. According to couple of posters (who signed up for it) on ft, they got email from AA customer service stating that this was targeted and they were not eligible.

    Assuming the hammer will drop now and AA will renege on the deal for all of us who have email confirmations.

  19. I’ve already booked 12,000+ miles of flights with AA under the sole assumption that they’ll get me Platinum (and will book more for EXP).

    The Linked-In offer was clearly visible on their LinkedIn page. The only eligibility criteria was for non-elite members (I don’t have AA elite status). I have a screenshot of it timed at 10am Pacific (10 minutes after I signed up). I also have a confirmation email.

    I’ve yet to receive a communique from AA saying that this was a wrong promo, only hearsay from FT and special private Facebook groups.

    If AA wants to renege on this promo, they’re going to have to refund my AA flights in cash. I have a couple of MRs but some are required trips, so I’d be pissed if I have to book on UA/DL at a higher price later.

  20. @DAX

    Saranyc got her’s about an hour later than the cut off. It appears that those who got the email confirmation before 11:47 PDT are in or so. There is a raging thread on FT. Worth following 🙂

  21. I called AA today and found out that since I signed up for the supposed “not targeted” promotion before it was pulled, I am eligible. They said it was targeted…but I’m unlikely to fly the 6k needed to get gold.

  22. So, I have a confirmed flight on Dec 25-31 to UVF for 5836 base miles in F. I confirmed with AA that for this challenge, there is no class of service bonus, so it looks like I have a few mileage runs to look for. I will have 24,164 miles to go. Due to being in school, I am guessing that a RTW or a long TPAC flight should do the trick. Any suggestions?

  23. @ E — I’ll have a post on this tomorrow or on Saturday, but generally your best bet is China tickets, which are often under $750 and allow you to backtrack depending on where you live (for example, living on the west coast you can route through Chicago).

  24. @lucky – Thank you for your quick reply. So, out of MSY to PEK via DFW and ORD; I am looking at 15,656 miles. May not be a bad idea. 2 more round-trips at 12,082 mi; 3 at 8,055 mi; or 4 at 6,014.

    This might be an obtainable goal!

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