Amazing summer rates at the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi

Let me preface this post by saying that I spent the weekend in Phoenix hotel hopping given the low rates. I paid $99 at the Biltmore Arizona (a Waldorf Astoria property), and it included $140 worth of food and beverage credit, a room upgrade, and guaranteed 4PM late check-out. And while that sounds great, lemme tell you that 110 degree temperatures sure do take away from the fun. So consider that as well with the below offer.

With that out of the way, the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi is running an extremely lucrative promotion for stays through September 14, 2013. Just book using special offer code SUMR and promo code 10550, and you’ll get one night free on a two night stay, which is basically a “buy one get one free.”


With this promotion, rates seem to be as low as ~400AED (~$108USD) per night, factoring in one night free.


That’s the cheapest I’ve ever seen a Park Hyatt anywhere. Yes, it’ll be cruelly hot this time of year, but if you happen to be in the area, that’s almost a rate at which it’s worth mattress running. You can find my review of the resort here.



(Tip of the hat to Reid)


  1. @ Brendan and @ Lucky – I have some bookings at the Dubai Hyatt near the airport, using this same/clone promotion, and suite upgrades cannot be applied. I tried. Ohhhhh, how I tried.

  2. Be advised that the daily rate shown on the booking will be for the AVERAGE of both nights. I stayed at the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi 1st week of August and the final rate turned out to be 1060 UAE for two people including all taxes. When I first booked I thought it would 500 UAE with the final night being taken off. I was advised that the actual rate is 1000 a night and the breakdown would be 500 per night on the bill!

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