Win Club Carlson Gold status and a $500 gift card!

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It’s no secret that I love the Club Carlson’s Premier Rewards Visa Signature Card. I’ve written about the card’s benefits in the past, and also had a post about 10 Club Carlson properties that I’d redeem points at.

In addition to a great 85,000 point sign-up bonus after spending $2,500 within 90 days, the card comes with some ridiculously generous benefits, including:

  • 10x points per dollar spent at Club Carlson properties, and 5x points per dollar spent elsewhere
  • 40,000 point anniversary bonus every year you keep the card
  • Club Carlson Gold status for as long as you have the card
  • Your second night of an award redemption is always free, meaning it’s more or less a buy one get one free if you stay for just two nights

For those of us that are better at looking at pictures than reading (after all, I apparently write the Victoria’s Secret of blogs), here’s a useful infographic Club Carlson put together about the card:

ClubCarlsonPremierRewards_Infographic_FINAL copy ClubCarlsonPremierRewards_Infographic

The giveaway

Club Carlson has generously given me two prize packages to give away, each of which consists of a $500 gift card and Club Carlson Gold status. If you already have Gold status you’ll get Concierge status instead, which is their top tier status level, and gets you added benefits like complimentary breakfast.

How to enter

You can enter either in the comments section of the post or through Twitter. I’ll pick one winner through each. The deadline to enter will 11:59PM Pacific Time on Friday, August 16, 2013. You can enter once per calendar day (Pacific Time) through each method.

To enter on the blog:

Leave a comment on this blog post letting me know your favorite Club Carlson Signature Visa Card benefit.

An example of a valid entry is:

I value the 40,000 point anniversary bonus most

To enter on Twitter:

Follow me on Twitter @OneMileataTime and Tweet me to let me know your favorite Club Carlson Signature Visa Card benefit. Be sure to include the hashtag #LuckyClubCarlson to be eligible.

An example of a valid entry is :

@OneMileataTime I value the 40,000 point anniversary bonus most #LuckyClubCarlson

Good luck to everyone, and if you have any questions on the giveaway please email or Tweet me!

(In the interest of full disclosure, Club Carlson has given me two 1-night stays at a Club Carlson property for running this giveaway. U.S. Bank, Carlson Inc., and their affiliates and employees are not sponsors and are not responsible for any part of the giveaway)

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  1. the 2nd free night is hands down what i value the most. i’ll be using the benefit at an upcoming stay at the radisson blu chicago to catch my first game at wrigley.

  2. Easily the Last night free on award nights is the best. Total Game changer–and nothing close to it in the industry.

  3. I would have to say the second night free is probably the most exciting benefit, but I also love the idea of the anniversary points!

  4. My favorite Club Carlson Signature Visa Card benefit is the Bonus Reward night! Awesome Card!! I can’t wait to start using my Points!

  5. Decisions,decisions. The 85K to start and second night free are both good. the added plus is that I have been very happy with my Radisson stays.

  6. My favorite benefit is the 2nd night free. i stayed at Radisson (Blu) in Tbilisi, Georgia and Tashkent,Uzbekistan recently using this benefit. I loved both properties and, of course, the second night free!

  7. The 2nd night free on award redemptions would be my favorite Club Carlson Signature Visa Card benefit.

  8. Gold Status! I like free upgrades. Would be even cooler to get Concierge status so I can get free breakfast. pick me!

  9. I like the 40,000 annual bonus (especially since you get it no matter what you spend on the card).

  10. I love the 85,000 sign up bonus. The points, when paired with the extra free night, will cover my honeymoon stay in Paris at the Radisson Blu Champs Elysses!

  11. I think the most valuable perk is the last night free on award stays… I’ve used it a few times already and it’s amazing!

  12. I love the 2 for 1 free night redemption; spend a little more points on a business room & great free breakfast & a great view!

  13. the second free night can be really valuable when redeemed at the high end properties, even more so than some of the other perks, so that’s my favorite. 🙂

  14. My favorite benefit is that its not a Chase card as I have to many of them but if I have to pick from the list then the signup bonus

  15. The 5x bonus on all spending is so valuable to me so it’s no surprise that this will become one of my main spending cards.

  16. I value the free night on awards stays. It’s probably my favorite benefit of ANY hotel card out there.

  17. I value the redeem one night get scond night free benefit, especially for their properties outside the US.

  18. I value the 40,000 points anniversay bonus most when the Club Carslon Premier Rewards Signature Visa Card becomes available in the Netherlands!

    I WILL be the first to apply for the card!!

  19. Love the concept of buy one night, get another night free! We’ll be using this card often during my husband’s upcoming medical residency interviews…we’ll be able to stay an extra night and explore potential new cities to live in.

  20. The Bonus Award Night is a great benefit. I enjoyed it at two very nice Radisson Blu properties in Europe this summer. Thanks for the contest!

  21. No question…2nd night free. Planning a trip to Nice, FR and with the card and promotion, I am getting 2 nights worth just under $600 for 50,000 points….

  22. I value the last night free when you are booking an award room. But to be perfectly honest, I love everything about this card and what it gives me.

  23. the second night free benefit is killer, especially since it works with premium rooms. 2 nights at the radisson blu ajaccio overlooking the mediterranean for 75k, yes please!

  24. The free night on a 2+ night award is a GREAT value. I see Club Carlson as an interesting option for weekend getaways. The second night being free doubles the distance my miles will take me.

  25. I know this is a bit out there and I’m straying from the pack, but I value the last night free most.

  26. I do not currently have the Club Carlson card, but I’d probably get it if I won this contest! I think my favorite benefit would probably be the “last night free” on award stays. The wife and I take a lot of 2 or 3-day trips, and this benefits seems to be extra-great for people that are taking shorter trips!

  27. Last night Free!!! No question about it. Specially if you stay with someone that also has the card. Two Reservations, two Free nights.

  28. Two nights for the price of one at the Radisson Blu in Phuket would go a long way towards making our honeymoon vacation a reality!

  29. The Bonus award night by far! I’ve used this benefit 3 times already. It’s the best credit card benefit out there!

  30. The free night offer is the icing on the cake! Potentially doubles the value of my Club Carlson points..

  31. Looking forward to future Radisson stays especially some of the Radisson Blu Hotels. The great perk of an addition night free when using points is great.

  32. The free 2nd award night after one night award redemption is awesome; I have used it once already and saved 50k points.

  33. My favorite benefit is the second award night free and I intend to use it in Istanbul in November!!

  34. No doubt at all, second night free is a phenomenal perk. Club Carlson has differentiated itself from the crowd as being the only hotel program to do that. Love it!

  35. 40K anniversary bonus can cover the annual fee, while second night free doubles the value of each point.

  36. As someone who spends most of his travels in Europe, I’d have to go with the instant Gold status – and the access to the 2-4-1 and 4-4-2 promotions!

    Though, tough to compete with the 2nd-night free benefit… it is an amazing offer.

  37. I have the card, and the benefit I’ve benefited from the most is Gold status. Got upgraded to a suite on my last stay, included breakfast, and it was one of the best hotel breakfast buffets I’ve ever had.

  38. Always second night free on an award booking
    can’t be beat as I would like to stay at a Radison Blue.

  39. The second night free is most valuable to me..Close second is the 40000 point bonus which can get you 2 nights or more depending on your stay.

  40. Oooh – between the 2nd night free and the 40,000 bonus points, it’s hard to pick, but I’ll have to go with the 40,000 point anniversary bonus being what I value most.

  41. My favorite benefit is the free night stay when you stay more than one night. Nothing else beats that for hotel credit cards!

  42. The free night on two (and more) night redemptions is a fantastic feature of the Club Carson cards.

  43. I travel in Scandinavia a lot and hotels are quite expensive. Club Carlson is big in SCandinavia and having gold status and second night free is a big winner for me !

  44. I SOOOOOO value the 40,000 point anniversary bonus the most.
    Thanks for doing a great job on the blog. VERY informative!

  45. I value that your second night of an award redemption is always free, as I usually go for weekend or shorter trips.

  46. I value the last night free bonus most because it gives me an excuse to stay on my business trips 1 more night!

  47. I value the annual points bonus! It’s more flexible than other anniversary night awards and it is a really good deal for the annual fee!

  48. Lots of great perks with this card but the free last night of a multi-night award is possibly the best perk of any co-branded card out there.

  49. Although never had the luck to be the lucky one to hit jackpot, I will still try my luck here.
    I value ‘second night of an award redemption is always free’. That is a great advantage to use on the vacation with families. Saves quite a big money.

  50. The free second night award is very valuable… I’m going to use it soon in Marseille France!

  51. As most of the comments seem to agree, that free final night on reward stays is the peach. Half-price weekend stays at ANY Club Carlson property? Amazing.

  52. Getting the 5x bonus points for spend on everything is a great incentive to use the card and work towards bonus award nights!

  53. Getting the 2nd night free on award redemptions would be my favorite Club Carlson Signature Visa Card benefit.

  54. I value the last night free for multiple-night stays! This is where your points are literally doubled!

  55. I vale most: Nothing really, as with most of the great points offers on hotel and airline credit cards, this is only valid if you are a US citizen, living elsewehere in the workd you get bugger all and have to earn for your free extravagant redemption trips the hard way….:(

  56. Many great perks with this card but the free last night of a multi-night award is possibly the best perk of any co-branded card out there.

  57. I value the last night free on multiple-night awards! That’s a fantastic deal that doubles the value of the points you earn.

  58. I love how easy it is to accumulate Club Carlson points FAST–10 points per dollar at hotel stays, 10 more with gold status (a perk of the credit card), a bonus for reserving the room online, and 10 MORE when charging it to the Club Carlson Visa!

  59. Just booked a 2 night reward stay at the Radisson Blu in Marseille France and love the second night free reward benefit. Outstanding value from Club Carlson!!!

  60. So many great perks with this card but the free last night of a multi-night award is possibly the best perk of any co-branded card out there.

  61. I really like the 40K bonus points that come with annual renewal! Combined with the 2nd night free offer, that’s TWO free nights in a Radisson Blu like the elegant Edwardian Vanderbilt in London!!

  62. The Club Carlson Signature Visa Card benefit that I value the most is the 40,000 point anniversary bonus.

  63. Absolutely find the stay two nights and get one of those nights free the most valuable benefit of this card.

  64. The 85K signup fee is almost 4 free nights in top tier hotels when combined with the redeem one night/get one night free feature.

  65. My favorite is when you redeem Gold Points for 2 or more consecutive Award Nights, your last night is free

  66. The US Bank Club Carlson Card is the “best” hotel credit card presently offered because of “all of the perks” it offers. The sum of all of the perks = My Favorite “Benefit” (By having this card, my girlfriend and I can easily stay at premium Carlson hotel properties around the world on a frequent basis. We are impressed !!!

  67. Popular answer, but my favorite benefit is the free night on award stays. Best benefit of any hotel card.

  68. I love the 40,000 point anniversary bonus, the second award night free and the ability to get lots of points from daily spend… this card is so great in an all round way!

  69. Just booked another award stay for a trip to Paris and really value the last night free on an award stay. And… I’d love to get upgraded to Concierge status!!!

  70. I love the last night free redemption for any more-than-two-night stay..
    Combined with the 40k annual bonus, that is good enough for even 8 free nights! unbelievable!

  71. The last night free is a true lifesaver. As long as they have this feature they will have my loyalty.

  72. 85,000 mile signup bonus and with redemptions starting at only 9,000 miles I can get rooms for the whole family. It’s always nice to treat the ones you love to something special every once in awhile.