IHG Rewards Club offering elite members a 100% bonus on the purchase of points through August 26, 2013

Through August 26, 2013, IHG Rewards Club is offering elite members a 100% bonus on the purchase of points.

While the 100% bonus applies no matter how many points you buy, Priority Club charges less per point the more points you buy, as follows:


Those prices are inclusive of tax, so that means if you purchase more than 26,000 points you’re basically picking up points at 0.575 cents each.


This is actually the lowest I’ve ever seen IHG Rewards Club sell points directly. Usually when they run points sales it brings the cost down to ~0.7 cents each, which isn’t all that useful since you can always manufacture Priority Club points at 0.7 cents each.

But is it worth picking up Priority Club points at 0.575 cents each?

Well, Priority Club runs PointBreaks promotions every couple of months whereby you can book select hotels for 5,000 points each, so in those cases it’s a no brainer since you’d be booking a hotel for ~$28.75 per night.

But what about Priority Club’s more expensive hotels? Their top hotels go for 50,000 points per night, so at 0.575 cents per point that’s $287.50 per night. I suppose whether that’s a good value or not depends on the alternative. Certainly you can redeem points at InterContinental properties that retail for upwards of $400 per night, but do you actually value the nights that highly?

So I think this promotion has to be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you redeem tons of IHG Rewards Club points it might make sense to purchase points. But it’s not a rate at which I’d purchase them speculatively.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that IHG Rewards Club points purchases are processed through points.com, meaning it doesn’t qualify as hotel spend for the purposes of your credit card.


  1. Considering it.. might plan a Tahiti trip on points.. I need another 7K points. Still debating on whether Bora Bora is worth all the expenses. Of course I’ll get flights and hotels on points and miles, but upgrades, food, plane transfers, activities still cost $$$. Somebody convince me. =

  2. Have you read about the investigation by the British OFT (Office of Fair Trade) into the illegal pricing practices IHG has done with booking.com and expedia>? There are some extremely shady backroom deals going on. Flabbergasting that this happens in 2013 still

  3. A little better than the Daily Getaways (unless you used Amex to get 15,000 for $180). Third tier a little better regardless.

    Doing some one night stays with stacked promotions is an even cheaper cost per point. Paying extra $15 or so for 5,000 bonus points rate for one night stays is also a deal at about.03 per point.

  4. I wanted to comment and say I think this is a good deal. If you have a IHG credit card, for example, you could get 120690 Points for $690. Then, if you redeemed those points you would get a 10% rebate (So that’s 12,000 extra points). If you wanted to include the rebate points, it’d be around 0.52 cents per point. I remember when I was in London last summer the Park Lane Intercontinental was 599 POUNDS per night (or 50K points), so the savings can be amazing. The intercontinental in Times Square is another property that is very expensive if there is a special event. Also, last minute trips to major cities (like my trip to Boston soon) run at rates like $354 plus tax/night, so the discount is really significant.

  5. I am a platinum elite member due to the credit card. Have not received the email though and when I input my details no mention of the bonus?

  6. @timmer1001

    The Best Price Guarantee is basically gutted. A screen shot that there was a better offer is not enough. IHG has to see it themselves, but of course the better rate is gone by then.

    The OFT got them (and others) for having deal with OTAs, etc. that they would not undercut price – so BHG meant nothing.

  7. it does display my status normally – the link takes me to a small landing page where (even though I’m already logged in) I have to enter name, account number and pin and when I have entered that I just get normal purchase rates – no bonus

  8. I have about 43k points on my account ( last 25k on Amex DDG ). I used them exclusively for the 5k point break. Have had amazing deals for peanuts. ( last year I went to CA Northwest Territories and stayed in Edmonton 2 nights at the Crown Plaza Castle ??? for 10k total !)

    They come handy !

  9. My wife received the email and got the bonus. We are both Plat Elite. The terms in her email do NOT specify that it is only targeted to email recepient so I also wanted to purchase to get the bonus, but it won’t allow it. So, any attorneys interested in this possible class action case? Again, terms in the email about the promotion do NOT specify that this is targeted except to Elite members. Here is the exact terms: “As a token of our appreciation, we’d like to extend a very special offer to our Elite IHG® Rewards Club members. Purchase IHG® Rewards Club points between August 12 and August 26 and you’ll get 100% more in bonus points. That’s right—double the points to use on Reward Nights, car rentals and much more.”

    I strongly suggest someone at IHG allow all Elite members to purchase points and receive the 100% bonus as the terms specify.

  10. A followup to my previous comment which may not have posted:
    I confirmed with supervisors at IHG that the offer is targeted to “All Gold and Plat Elite members and not just those who received the email.” This came after I pointed out that the terms do not specify email recepient only, but says “to our Elite…members”. My wife’s purchase points screen shows up differently since it displays the bonus points you receive, but mine just shows the normal page. I was assured that I qualify for the bonus and that after I purchase )as long as it is within the promotion dates) I would receive the bonus in a couple days after the base points purchased. Seems like I’ll have to fight for them after I make the purchase though so not sure about this. They really need to fix this problem so that the purchase points page shows up with the bonus promotion for all Elites.

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