Welcome, Victoria’s Secret readers!

Million Mile Secrets did an interview with the Miles for Family Blog, and in her post welcoming people to her blog she wrote:

Please, keep supporting Daraius’ site to thank him for all the research he makes, to keep everyone in the loop. I consider his blog the Target store of blogs in this industry: unpretentious, good quality, wide appeal, a  little bit for everyone. Sorry, Daraius, if instead you think of it as Nordstrom!  That would have to be  ”View from the wing”, right? And, while we are on the subject, I would probably compare “Mommypoints” to Macy’s.  ”One mile at a time”, hmm,  Victoria’s Secret perhaps?  And all of them are excellent stores for what they offer!

Say what?!


  1. Maybe because of all the photos of the luxury cabins–its like the VS models in the window of the store?

  2. I tried reading her site and got a massive headache. I think she is trying to compliment you for being high-end (although VS is high-end only to a certain segment of the population that goes shopping at malls in middle America).

  3. Hmmm, I’m puzzled by that as well … Maybe Victoria’s Secret because your aspirational travel experiences are sexy and available but you have to know the right (travel) secrets to attain them? OK, I think I stretched that analogy about as far as it can go so I’ll just shut up now 😉

  4. A current VS angel was one of my 8th grade students years ago. <> I yell at the tv screen “Stop looking at me!” every time one of those commercials comes on. Highly disturbing! LOL

  5. Promise your readers you will never break out a feature as agonizingly painful as MMS’s Friday interview series

    I understand the need for filler pieces, but wow

  6. So, who are yours supermodels? Lufthansa First Class, Singapore Suites, FCL Frankfurt, Park Hyatt Paris?
    Since you are now VS, can you finally make your top5 amenities kits that you promised me some time ago? 🙂

  7. Well, if I ever do a blog, it will be The Little Flower Shop of Horrors. Complete with Audrey, Jr. shouting Feed Me! Feed Me! Feed Me Miles!

  8. I hate Target. Give me a Walmart any day!

    To me they have the same crap, it’s just that Target has less of it (so I can’t find the crap I need), and it costs more.

    Oh, and it’s not Walmart, so you can shop there and still get your warm fuzzy.

  9. One Mile At a Time is like shopping at Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman with a young person who has his own Amex Black Card. You get high end looks and feel, great customer service, and an unlimited way to pay for all of it.

    FYI, Target is where the housekeeper shops for sundries. Wal-Mart is a trashy store.

  10. And Frugal Travel Guy is Boston Market circa 2000. Bought out by McDonald’s and loses its identity. Was the first site that got me hooked on this hobby, but boy have they gone downhill fast.

  11. Well, sure…

    Why do guys look in catalogs of Victoria’s Secret? For the pictures, right?

    Why do we look at your blog? Well, mostly same reason. 🙂

  12. @ Vik — That’s a great question, and to be honest I don’t know. I suppose my blog is a collection of my thoughts about my OCD hobby that I’m shocked anyone reads.

  13. Brian,

    He edited much of his post after the fact, but just google home improvement gift card MMS and you’ll find it

  14. Wow, so you are the naughty one ? HAHAHA

    Actually I would say you are a Burberry Outlet. Still the same quality but great prices.

  15. At least she thinks you are more high end than MMS. As far as I am concerned MMS is the bottom of the barrel. Not a single original thought on that blog and does nothing but give step by step instructions on how to get miles and then strands his readers when it comes to redeeming the miles or worse leaves them hanging if a deal goes bad.

    MMS sucks up referral fees by luring in newbies with postings that even a 5 year old could follow and then leaves everyone else to clean up his mess when the newbies have no clue how to utilize their miles.

    In case you couldn’t tell, I detest Daraius.

  16. I tried following the link but it still made absolutely no sense to me. Was it meant to be funny? I guess I just don’t see the humor in it. Maybe she’s trying too hard. I guess being a stay at home mother doesn’t make someone inherently funny or frugal. It just makes them a rare anomaly that’s been in decline since the 1950s.

  17. There is a surprising amount of catiness amongst all the bloggers

    Of course most of them are competing for the same readers (page views) and CC referrals

    It might be amusing if they expressed their true opinions and criticisms of each other more frequently… especially when bloggers give incorrect advice.

  18. Lucky’s blog is more like Walmart because it’s one stop shopping site- readers won’t have to go anywhere else as Lucky will quote what he saw and post here, in a good and funny way. TPG is more like Chase bank affiliated site. Too much credit card ads and it makes me sick.

  19. Hi, I am the SAHM, who wrote this. My intent was to create buzz, looks like “mission accomplished”! That explains, why my site was getting slammed. As fas as my blog: the website looks terrible, editor is badly needed and English is my second language, so there will be occasional mistakes. I literally suck at IT. But hopefully this is the case of: don’t judge the book by its cover kind of thing. But perhaps not, and maybe my content sucks too. As far as comparison, it was meant to be humorous. Lucky’s blog is called “travel porn” in this hobby on a occasion. I didn’t want to go “there”. So, I had to come up with something more appropriate, therefore “Victoria’s secret” reference. In fact, I think Ben is an incredibly bright guy, and offers much more than just “travel porn”. His assessments are spot on. I also think he is very nice, he was kind enough to answer my email about Aer Lingus award availability, in spite of his busy schedule.

  20. Lucky is always very generous in answering emails.

    And I agree that MilesforFamily’s site design could use some better graphical design!

  21. Lucky, I’d take the VS comparison as a compliment. You are doing all the traveling that a lot of us would love to be doing.

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