American AAdvantage miles on sale through August 15, 2013 for as low as 2.2 cents per mile


American has just announced two promotions for the purchase of AAdvantage miles.

The first promotion runs through August 30 and offers tiered discounts on the purchase of AAdvantage miles, up to 25%. The chart for that looks as follows:


The other promotion runs through August 15 and offers 2,000 bonus AAdvantage miles if you purchase 20,000 or more miles.

So if you max out this promotion you’d be purchasing 62,000 AAdvantage miles for $1,365.31, which is ~2.2 cents per mile.


As usual, you can purchase a maximum of 60,000 miles per account per calendar year, and points purchases are processed through, meaning this doesn’t qualify as airline spend for the purposes of credit card bonuses.

This isn’t a rate at which I’d speculatively purchase miles, but if you have a specific use in mind this promotion can certainly be worthwhile. For example, 67,500 miles gets you a one-way ticket in Cathay Pacific first class between the US and Asia, so if you have just a few thousand miles in your account you’d have enough for such a ticket.

If you’re just speculatively purchasing miles (which I don’t typically recommend) the US Airways sale for 1.88 cents per mile is probably a better value, or otherwise the Lifemiles sale for 1.5 cents per mile might be worth considering.


  1. $1,100 would get you 50,000 AAdvantage miles and a one way ticket in Business Class from the US to Europe.

    But not on American since it rarely has availability TATL.

    Maybe AA could have another sale-sell miles at 3 cents each that can be used on an American flight.

  2. I am thinking of buying usairways sale to use to travel on AA award in june 2014. Do you think that it will be possible ?i mean, will the merge of points be completed?thanks.

  3. @ Celia — It’s anyone’s guess when miles will be transferable, but I do think it’s very likely that by June of next year it will be possible to use US Airways miles for OneWorld awards. That being said it sounds like you want to travel in June, so I don’t know how soon it’ll actually be possible to make such a booking.

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