Most [fill in the blank] video ever…

I try not to share videos that other bloggers have shared, but Gary just posted a link to this video and I’m… I’m… I’m… I’m… speechless.

Perhaps this is the most “unique” airline/airport related video since Southwest’s “Shuffle Fun” video?

I need a drink now. That is all…


  1. From the beautiful and touching “Visit Mum” BA video to this painfully cheap piece of [your turn to fill in the blank as I am also speechless].

  2. I think I am too used to living in California. Wow..Absolutely no color in this video representing other races.

    Shocking in fact..

    Where is the “dislike” button?

  3. what’s with the one guy in the yellow outfit with the flashlights? He seemed reluctant to lip sync.

    I liked it, reminds me how much I liked Munich Airport.


  4. Like Lucky, those Germans are a happy lot!

    Arriving to that scene would make you forget your LH “old C” experience. 😉

  5. @Sparky: I’m with ya. Did you catch the random Indian guy with the bongos?

    I’m definitely more of a fan of the Chairman and Chief D.J.!! Lufthansa needs Southwest’s (of BA’s) marketing team.

  6. Epic. That is the only word to describe it.

    Is it weird that it made me a little misty-eyed??

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