Lufthansa adds option to top off account when booking award (at a not-so-great rate)

Lufthansa Miles & More has introduced a new offering whereby you can top off your account for an award redemption at the time of ticketing.

Through this offer, you can purchase at most 90,000 miles per calendar year, and you have to already have two thirds of the miles needed for an award (in other words, if an award costs 90,000 miles, you need to already have 60,000 miles).

To take advantage of this you have to book through the Miles & More call center, and topped off miles cost ~.0212EUR each. So while I wouldn’t consider purchasing miles at that rate to be a good deal, if you need to top off an account for an award you’ve been eying this is definitely something worth keeping in mind.


(Tip of the hat to SMK777)


  1. @ Lucky – No luck yet to find it, but no problem. I found it interesting because they are are selling the miles cheaper than they do on the site (12K for 290 euros = 0,02416) and the limit of 90K is much higher than the annual limite of 12K.
    For those who don’t live in the US and can’t get lots of points from credit cards sign ups, it isn’t a very bad option to go for a first class redemption.

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