American AAdvantage and AwardWallet partner up once again

AwardWallet is my favorite website for tracking miles and points. Rather than checking all of my individual mileage balances I can just go to AwardWallet and see most of my balances in one place.

However, some airlines didn’t like AwardWallet accessing their information, citing “security” reasons. American was one of those carriers, and in December of last year requested that AwardWallet stop displaying AAdvantage account balances. To address American’s concerns, AwardWallet added a creative workaround whereby they would allow members to access their AAdvantage accounts through a browser extension. However, American didn’t like that either, and requested that AwardWallet discontinue their browser extension.

For whatever reason American seems to have reversed their decision, and AAdvantage account balances are once again displayed on AwardWallet, which is really exciting news! You can now log into your AwardWallet account and once again link your AAdvantage accounts.

Woohoo! Here’s to hoping that other airlines that currently restrict AwardWallet from showing account balances do the same!


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