MOGL changing their referral payout tomorrow

I’ve written about MOGL a few times, which I consider to be one of the best dining rewards programs out there. While there are dining programs that give you miles, MOGL gives you 10% cash back when you dine at a participating restaurant. That’s ridiculously rewarding, especially since there are lots of great restaurants that are part of the program. The catch is that right now they only have affiliate restaurants in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, but within those markets they have literally hundreds of restaurants. In San Diego, for example, I’m pretty sure it’s harder to find a restaurant that isn’t affiliated with MOGL than to find one that is.

In addition to great rewards on dining they also offered a pretty nice referral bonus. Right now they offer $10 to the person referring and the person being referred after the first dine. However, per an email I just received, they’re changing their policy as of tomorrow. Starting tomorrow the referrer just gets a “big warm fuzzy,” and the person being referred gets a $5 bonus:


Anyway, if you still sign-up today you’ll be eligible for the $10 referral bonus, even if your first dine is at a later date. You can sign up through my link in order to earn the $10 referral bonus at, though feel free to post your own link below as well so others can use it. If you plan on being in one of those cities it can’t hurt to sign up now so that you’ll still be eligible for the old terms, even if you don’t have an immediate plan to eat at one of their affiliate restaurants.


  1. I hand’t heard of this service before….

    I use iDine, not in conjunction with an airline program, but for cash back. iDine offers 15% cash back (once you have spent $750 in your anniversary year). If you only spend $250 you get 10% and if under that all members get 5%. There are lots of participating restaurants in my city.

  2. I use iDine as well, but am grandfathered in under their old program for $100/yr I get 20% back at all their restaurants and no blackouts. You might try calling them direct and ask about the VIP 20% program – I know it is nothing they advertise on the website.

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