Extend the life of your Starpoints for free

Audience Rewards is offering a promotion in conjunction with Starwood. They’re offering Starpoints for answering theater trivia questions. You get two Starpoints per correct answer, up to a total of 12 Starpoints. The only instance in which this promotion seems worthwhile is if you’re trying to extend the life of your Starpoints. Otherwise 12 Starpoints isn’t exactly gonna get you much closer to your next trip. Bonus Starpoints should post within 4-6 weeks.

The answers to the six questions are as follows:

  1. The original first act of The Phantom of the Opera was at Andrew Lloyed Weber’s home? True
  2. What is the last song of Act 1 in Jersey Boys? Walk Like A Man
  3. The Wicked backstage tour was formed by a man who played what role? The Witch’s Father
  4. How many dogs are in the cast of the current Broadway Annie revival? 3
  5. Who directed Once on Broadway? John Tiffany
  6. The song “Rock Of Ages” is not featured in the musical of the same name? True


(Tip of the hat to Points to be Made)


  1. We had the joy of looking after a couple of our grandchildren while their parents went to Vegas on an anniversary trip.

    On return, they mentioned that they attended Rock of Ages and loved it. I asked them if they knew from where the title came.

    They didn’t but I gather you do. I’m impressed.

    Thanks for the tips.

  2. If you use different email addresses, you can sign up for different Audience Rewards accounts and answer the same questions for US Airways miles and Delta miles. United is also shown as a partner but I’ve never seen the trivia questions on their partner page.

  3. Does this actually extend SPG points validity? Wasn’t clear if only stays actually did that…

  4. @ Fredd — Hah, wish I did, though I was simply passing on the answers from Points to be Made.

  5. after answering the first question correctly, a small window popped up asking me to connect through my facebook page. Is this a requirement to get the points?
    Any other way to get around it.

  6. @ christo — I didn’t have to connect through my Facebook. Is there not a button you can push at the bottom that will let you enter your personal info?

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