British Airways’ Man vs. Plane video

Yesterday I shared a video put out by British Airways entitled “Visit Mum” which was quite possibly one of the most touching pieces ever put together by an airline, well, anyone or anything. I’ll be honest, at first I was thrown off a bit by the logistics (how exactly do you get a home cooked meal a seat on an airplane, let alone get it through customs?) but by the end of it the logistics didn’t matter because I think we were all at the very least close to tears and just wanted to hug our moms. While it didn’t market British Airways’ product as such, you can’t put a price tag on the emotional connection the video makes you feel.

So of course any video British Airways puts out after that is going to seem like complete garbage. A day later (today) they released a “Man vs. Plane” video, which is supposed to highlight their new A380 service to Johannesburg, I suppose. The video can be found here:

Now, on the plus side that’s some lotion-and-tissue-worthy airplane porn. That fuselage. Those Rolls Royce engines. That roar…

But the logistics make me want to cry. To the best of my knowledge the fastest recorded “run” by a human is 28mph, so I’m not sure they’re doing a good job trying to market a plane if they’re suggesting a human can run faster than it?

Meh, I’ll just go watch the “mum” video one more time and I’ll love British Airways again…

(Tip of the hat to Drew)


  1. @Lucky Yeah, after that video consider another trip with Mom! (Although I’m picturing her loving son carrying multiple bags while she bravely toughs out an injury. Perhaps arrange a golf cart this time to whisk you both around.) 😉

  2. In January I flew actors the pond to see my mum for the first time in 4 years. She had not been well, stricken with end stage COPD and emphasyma. The brutal winter was not of any help. I hadn’t been home prior to that as I too had been unwell having had stage 3 colon cancer and serious issues after the brutality that is chemotherapy. I thought that this was my final trip to spend time with her and the emotions were impossible to describe.
    BA took care of that for me with this video. It tore at my heart strings and the tears flowed.
    Many of us have made a life in countries we did not grow up in. I have spent 32 years in my adopted USA. In all that time the thing I have always missed most is my Mum. I’m now 58 and I don’t know if I’ll ever get to see her again. This video though meant so much to me that just the thought of its beauty still makes me well up. Thank you British Airways for something so special as this. I may just have to start flying with them more often now just to help with the advertising budget.

  3. Ah proud to hear the SA accents in there! Thought it wasn’t bad, until I watched the mom video. No I’m “that guy” that cried in the office… 🙁

  4. Thank goodness I worked from home today….my eyes swelled with tears. I left home (Minnestoa) 30 years ago. My Dad had end stage cancer, yet he encouraged me to start my life, take a job in Chicago, and grow up. My Mom has numerous chronic health issues over the years, yet magically kicking at 81. This emotional video slapped me in the face, and I am booking my next trip home to see my Mom.

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