American offering 10% off coupon for playing Disney Planes game

American is offering a pretty cool promotion in conjunction with the Disney movie “Planes,” and you can score a 10% off coupon just for playing.

To participate simply go to this page and play the game.


To get a 10% off coupon, all you have to do is hit three of the targets, each of which will teach you more about American’s product.

Once you complete that you’ll be brought to a page where you can enter your email address for the 10% off code.


The email with the code should arrive almost instantly.


Per The Flight Deal, the terms & conditions of the offer are as follows:

  • Book by August 31st
  • For travel from August 15th – November 15th
  • Blackout dates of August 31st and September 2nd (so will not work on Labor Day weekend basically)
  • Depart from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands to anywhere with American service (must be on American or American Eagle. No codeshares)
  • Up to 2 passengers per reservation.
Those are extremely generous terms, since each certificate is good for up to two people and can be used for international travel. Quantities are limited, so if you’re interested I’d suggest getting in on this ASAP.


  1. @ Joel — This is a promotion code, so it has to be ticketed on You couldn’t use this in conjunction with a paper voucher.

  2. Not a good deal. I priced my flight itinerary w/out the 10% promo code and then with it– guess which was higher?
    Buyer beware. This AA 10% code will cost you more.

  3. @ AliB — Are you sure? The code can be applied after doing the initial search, and in every case I’ve looked, the fare does drop by 10%. Mind sharing the routing/dates?

  4. @ Lucky

    But…but…but who in the heck flies *coach!?* 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Srsly, thanks for the info., as always…

  5. Have been watching flights to ZRH in fall (consistently near $1100)…used the code today and scored it for $950. No inflation noted.

  6. so what exactly is preventing us from getting 10% off from every flight during this period? I only seem like all we need is a unique email address

  7. @ spkg — Nothing. American didn’t think this one through well, in my opinion. They should have gone by AAdvantage account and not email address.

  8. I was pretty excited to read about this promo. But, I suspect AA’s Marketing team are manipulating prices for the extra publicity.

    I’ve booked two AA flights recently: one biz class long haul to Paris, the other was an economy short haul to Palm Springs which I booked this morning at work (on a different computer).

    This evening, after the promo was announced by a number of blogs – including this one – I checked at home the prices of the two flights I had previously booked. BOTH itineraries are now c. 10% more than when I booked (the second of which was only booked earlier today).

    In addition, the prices of all flights across the board for the Palm Springs route I was looking at, are now c. 10% more. This smells fishy to me.

    This could be coincidental. But, I suspect AA has inflated the prices in order to provide an artificial 10% discount. This is essentially free marketing for AA, with the blogosphere being used as the publicity tool.

    Can anyone else verify the prices of their recent AA purchases?

  9. @ John — I’d be willing to bet it’s a coincidence. Keep in mind that the number of people with a promo code is a tiny percentage of the overall number of people flying American. American still needs to be competitive with other carriers in pricing because nowadays people are booking through Expedia, Orbitz, etc., where they can do side-by-side price comparisons.

    For what it’s worth I’ve been monitoring several routes, and the prices have all stayed the same. But airline pricing is so fluid that you’ll find examples where prices go up and prices go down, and it’s easy to draw conclusions based on that.

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