Possible San Francisco dinner on Sunday, August 18 — anyone interested?

I may be flying with one of my favorite flight attendants (I say “one of” simply so I don’t offend the others) to San Francisco around August 18, and was thinking about having a little get together. I’m still working on a time and location, but generally I tend to think Sundays are good nights for get togethers.

I just wanted to get a preliminary head count to see if anyone would be interested? No need to commit just yet, but if you might be interested please let me know in the comments section below for planning purposes. If this does end up working out (which I think it should), I’ll post the exact details in the next few days.

Would be great to see some of you there!


  1. Unless I have a last minute conflict with one of my grand children’s evening baseball games, I would like to join you. Hope it works out!

  2. Been waiting for a Bay Area meet up for a while now, so definitely in! Though I second CT’s comment, somewhere on the Peninsula would be more central and easier for people from the South Bay/East Bay as well. Somewhere near a Caltrain/Bart stop perhaps? (A Bay Area local, would be happy to give restaurant suggestions as well).

  3. Would be fun to meet you all. Count me in as a maybe. Travel schedule looks possible.

  4. I’ll be flying in that evening, so if it’s close to the airport and/or BART, and later in the evening, I would join in.

  5. BTW… if you need recommendations, I live in Millbrae but used to live in the City and know both areas well.

  6. We will be in the City that night before heading back to Dallas on Monday and would love to.

  7. Potentially interested as well. Flying home to SFO from PDX from a wedding that evening but might work depending on the time.

  8. Wow, maybe you should book an empty hangar with Chelsea catering to accomodate the crowd. 🙂 I’m interested.

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