Correction to previous Air Tahiti Nui post: apparently they *do* offer inflight entertainment on one-way flights

Occasionally I make blunders on the blog. I’m far from all-knowing and I often blog before I’ve had my morning dose of caffeine, and I’ll sometimes have factual errors with those posts. I always appreciate when I’m sent emails correcting my blunders; after all it’s in everyone’s best interest for my posts to be accurate. So today I have to thank Air Tahiti Nui’s PR team for making a correction to one of my previous posts.

Back in February I wrote about Air Tahiti Nui’s cabin refresh project, whereby they were removing first class and installing a new business class product.

In part I wrote the following:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 5.14.00 PM

It appears as if I may have misinterpreted their policy, as I just received the following email from their PR team:

I hope this finds you well! I work with the PR firm that represents Air Tahiti Nui and saw your post today –

Thank you for writing about our cabin upgrades! I did notice that it says the airline doesn’t offer in-flight entertainment to passengers booked on one-way tickets, which is incorrect. Is there any way you can make that correction for us? Air Tahiti Nui offers in-flight entertainment to all passengers.

Thank you!

My apologies to Air Tahiti Nui for my mistake, and thanks for the correction. Hopefully those of you that were considering one-way travel to or from Tahiti will consider using Air Tahiti Nui for your travel needs again!


  1. And to think I’m sitting here wondering how they might enforce inflight entertainment bans for one way trips. No TV for you!

  2. Oh don’t make fun of the poor PR guy. I’m sure he was well intentioned since he responded the way he did. And who knows what his home culture/language is and that could make a difference when he read your post…

  3. @ Michael T — Hate to break it to you, but this is an LA based PR firm. This is an outside PR company and not Air Tahiti Nui directly. Which is even worse, because they’re being paid by Air Tahiti Nui to do this “work.”

  4. Ugh. I had to read your original post 3 times before I got it. I’m apparently as slow as the PR guy…

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