Nordstrom offering 25% off Westin Heavenly Beds through August 4, 2013

It’s no secret that I love Westin Heavenly Beds and W Beds. I had a W Queen Bed back when I lived in Tampa, and have a W King Bed here in Bellevue, and it sure makes for a great night of sleep. The reason I went with the W Bed over the Westin Heavenly Bed is that The W Hotel Store seems to run sales more often.

However, through August 4, 2013, Nordstrom is offering 25% off Westin Heavenly Beds.


The pricing is as follows:


In addition to that there’s a $99 shipping fee. Orders have to be made by phone at 800.285.7344.

If you’re in the market for a Westin Heavenly Bed, that’s some pretty attractive pricing, in my opinion…

Update: As pointed out in the comments section of the post, the prices are even a bit lower and shipping is free if you order directly through The Westin Home Collection Store.

(Tip of the hat to Chris)


  1. Remember to double dip. Staples had $200 nordstrom gift cards and then hit the ultimate rewards mall link.

  2. I just purchased a king Westin mattress and bed cover (no box spring) for $1097 directly from Westin. The extra $300 gets you the box spring if you need it.

  3. I wish I had thought of mattresses from Nordstrom back when they had the 36X BA miles promo.

  4. Irrespective of price, which do you prefer better and what’s the difference between the Westin and W mattresses? Thanks.

  5. If the price difference is $25, it’s worth it to me to buy from Nordstroms. The customer service/return policy is unrivalved…

  6. Nordstrom has carried the Westin Heavenly bed for years, and they always offer a 25 percent discount during their once yearly Anniversary sale. This is a good deal and gives you access to Nordstrom’s customer friendly policies.

  7. You can actually shave a few dollars by buying direct at
    Plus they have the duvets and sheets for less

  8. Dan – last I checked (this was a year or so ago, so this may have changed), the W bed is not a pillow-top bed. The Westin bed has a distinct pillow-top (you can see it in the photo above). Both beds are soft – the W bed is a tad firmer just given the non pillow-top design. Again, this was over a year ago. They may have changed their design since then.

  9. @ Jason — Don’t kick yourself too much, there’s no way to order these online, and I don’t think that promo worked for orders over the phone.

  10. FlyingDoctorWu/Jeremy – Actually the Westin store offers free shipping whereas Nordstrom charges you $99 to ship

  11. @ Dan — I probably have a slight preference for the Westin mattress as it is a bit softer, but they’re both really good.

  12. After experiencing several wonderful nights at a Weston in Vancouver, I’ve been in the market for a Weston Heavenly Bed. Ink doing my due diligence, I’ve noticed currently there are quite a lot of complaints about the mattress being of inferior quality, and perhaps not being of the same build as the ones used in the hotels. On Amazon and other sites, there are dozens of complaints about the mattress sinking within just a few months and a difficult (if not impossible) return process.

    I spoke with a sales rep at Nordstrom that bought hers about ten years ago (NB Nordstrom no longer sell them- I wonder if this is because of too many complaints). However, this particular rep loved it, and had no complaints of sinking, so that makes me wonder if the negative reviews I’ve read (which are clustered around 2013-2014) indicate a more recent manufacturing decision to cheapen quality, while keeping appearances of the mattress being the same.

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