Hyatt account statements now show lifetime base points earned

Hyatt has a pretty straightforward (well, sort of) lifetime status program. If you earn a million base points and have been a Gold Passport member for 10 years (even if you’re never elite) you get Diamond status for life. You earn five base points per dollar spent at Hyatts, so that basically means you get Diamond status after spending $200,000 at Hyatt hotels. For most of us that’s a pretty high threshold, though I guess it’s kind of nice if you’re an uber high roller, as I’m sure there are people that achieve the status in a year.

The strange thing is that up until now there has been no way to track your lifetime progress. Hyatt’s website has always shown total lifetime points earned, but that’s simply a calculation of all the points you’ve ever earned, be they points from credit card spend, Diamond welcome amenity points, elite bonus points, points from promotions, etc. So that’s not really a very useful number to know, unless you’re just curious. That being said, Gold Passport customer service has always had access to base lifetime points, so you just had to call them to find out where you stand.

Well, it looks like Hyatt has added lifetime base points to email summaries now, so it’s nice to know where you stand without calling.


In my case I doubt I’ll ever reach lifetime Diamond unless I win the lottery and decide to move to the Park Hyatt Sydney. I’ll likely achieve lifetime Starwood Platinum status first, which requires 10 years as a Platinum member and 500 nights at Starwood hotels. Figuring an average of $100 per night, that’s “only” $50,000 of spend, vs. $200,000 with Hyatt.

Still, I’m sure many high rollers prefer the Hyatt system, because it doesn’t require having status for 10 years.

Anyone here a lifetime Hyatt Diamond member?


  1. Hyatt also requires you to have been a member of the program for 10 years. Which means, of course, that it’s not possible to become a lifetime Diamond in one’s first year of membership 🙂

    Up until a bit over a year ago — due to some IT limitations — points earned via the Hyatt Visa and also points transferred in from Chase Ultimate Rewards counted as base points. That feature no longer exists, unfortunately.

  2. @Gary — This would have been good to know a couple years ago! It will be interesting to see how many Lifetime Base Points we’ve earned from this “feature”.

  3. lucky, I doubt many people that have 500 nights have such a low average cost per night, so I don’t think most SPG lifetime plats have spent only $50,000. I’d guess somewhere around $80,000 to $100,000. Still a huge difference, but Hyatt allows you to have “off years”, where you don’t hit the threshold for Diamond that year, whereas SPG requires that you are Platinum for the whole 10 years.

  4. @Denis – There’s no requirement for those years years consecutive. You can take a year off, or have 9 years of 25 nights Plat (one night stays) and a year of basically living in a hotel for 9 months.

  5. When I log into my account, I only see my lifetime points earned, and not my lifetime base poins.

    Are you in an early trial or is there some special place to look?

  6. @ Carl — It doesn’t show up on the website, but rather only via the account statement/newsletter. Hopefully they add the functionality on the website soon as well.

  7. Hey Ben, the statement is showing the useless total points not the total base points. You still need to call.

  8. Kind of stupid that they don’t show it in the online summary.

    I don’t think I’ve ever paid much attention to the account newsletters since they are mainly marketing and I check that my points post online.

    Sadly my lifetime base points number starts with a 2. I don’t know that it will reach a million in my lifetime.

  9. They also what club select which is a status above lifetime. It rewards you for maintaining Plat status whilst being a life member.

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