30th anniversary of Gimli Glider

Reader CP@YOW reminded me that today is the 30th anniversary of the Gimli Glider incident, simultaneously one of the most avoidable aircraft incidents and also one of the most impressive examples of a pilot performing under pressure.

He points me to a pretty cool CBC show that just aired, reflecting on the event 30 years later:

For anyone that hasn’t yet seen the Air Crash Investigation episode about this flight, it can be found here:

Kudos to Captain Pearson and the entire crew for their amazing work!

(Tip of the hat to CP@YOW)


  1. Amazing incident, which shows that not only incidents are a combination of things that go wrong, but surviving it is a combination of things that happen to go right.

    It also shows that the whole world should have switched to meters/kilos a long time ago 😉

  2. That ACI video has been blocked in my country “on copyright grounds”. After all, why should I be allowed to view something regarding a significant moment in Canadian history here in Canada?

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