Is the Heineken “Departure Roulette” game real?

Heineken produced a pretty creative video entitled “Departure Roulette.” The premise is that you’re at the airport and Heineken gives you the opportunity to be spontaneous and change your destination, though you have to commit to changing your destination before they decide where you go. Here’s the video:

So I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering whether this is real or not? I’d assume the whole thing is fake and just for show, or at the very least there’s a lot more behind the scenes before these people “play” the game (I think the latter is a given). Anyone have any insight?

I’ll give it to them, though, this is creative.

(Tip of the hat to JRL)


  1. Its real. George (went to Thailand) is a friend a mine and took the trip for 5 days. They offer to book hotels for you and the trip is left up to you as to end date and length of trip. Cash is given in form of gift cards.

  2. I want to go! Find out what airport this is at – and I will book a trip to NY to see my family, (pack for any type of weather) and walk past this roulette wheel looking unassumingly, and play!!! OMG, this sounds like a fantasy come true.

  3. what’s the chance that someone has a Laos visa without planning any trips there in the near future…?:)

  4. @omp: You can get a visa on arrival in Laos.

    Love this idea, would have gone any of those places! (If they’ll fly you in biz class or better…). Interesting that AA let them do this in T8 when it wasn’t necessarily to places they fly to.

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