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I’m sure most of you have seen this by now, but for those of you that haven’t…

All I can say is…


  1. How did the producer not figure out they were being trolled?

    This poor news anchor actually thought these were legitimate names…

  2. I think I am laughing at the stupidity of the news reader (and the writer/editor/producer/etc)

  3. Unbelievable that news anchor fell for that. So funny.
    But this one is true, the pilot in command
    Lee Kang-Kuk

    Well, I guess he cooked the aircraft.

    And to those who say that is “so racist”. Grow some skin !

  4. Love that this happened to Fox. Sad that it was racist. Now we see how much they really do their fact checking.

  5. How on earth did the station allow this to air? With the number of people who had to have seen this before it aired, you’d think at least one would’ve gone, “Hey, wait a minute.” I’ll admit I laughed when I first saw it, but this is wrong, on a couple of different levels.

  6. You can’t tell me you’ve never been in a Chinese restaurant and not seen everyone laughing and snickering at one point during the meal. As Jorge said, grow some skin.

  7. So I’m Korean, and honestly, I just snickered at it.

    I mean, I had no idea Korean names like that existed before. That, and, well, have you noticed how ALL the five-star airlines are, well, Asian :-)?

  8. Ben, I watched the 5:00PM KTVU news here in SF and they issued an apology for this SNAFU. Apparently, and NTSB summer intern confirmed the names. Go figure!

    I’m Asian and I thought that was kind of racist especially coming from a broadcast/government agency. Although I did snicker at Ho Lee Fuk…

  9. Remind me of the British Airways add in their inflight mag for downloadable boarding passes and the name on the example boarding pass pic was Bin Ladin / Osama. Lol.

  10. This would have been funny if it weren’t related to a fatal plane crash and shown right after the picture of the girl who died in the accident.

  11. “Racism is usually defined as views, practices and actions reflecting the belief that humanity is divided into distinct biological groups called races and that members of a certain race share certain attributes which make that group as a whole less desirable, more desirable, inferior, or superior.”

    Sorry guys, but there is nothing racist here. Stop using words that you do not understand.

    How is that joke on names related to race and how does that belittle a group. Sorry guys, you are out of touch. Culture of entitlement that make people use this word to collect $ for any possible reason. Sad

  12. @Minos: Even by your definition, this is racist; it’s mocking not only the way names are structured, but the stereotyped (English) grammar and pronunciation of an entire biological group – as if Asians are inferior in intelligence. Maybe it’s you that doesn’t entirely understand the concept of racism, and that it can’t be so neatly defined in one sentence.

    For the record, no offense taken here, but the “grow some skin” crowd should ask Paula Deen what she thinks about that.

  13. Hilarious, if you get some perspective on things and just laugh at the fail of the news station

  14. As an Asian person who has had my name butchered many times, I too snickered at this.

    @Justin: “as if Asians are inferior in intelligence…” Joke is on you man! The only “racist” part of this is against white people – as if they are too inferior in intelligence to recognize Asian names and fall for something like this. I can tell you lots of Asian people are shaking their heads at this, thinking, “what retards.”

    Lucky, it is borderline I feel given a little too close to such a tragic accident… but seriously, those of you calling Lucky racist need to travel some more.

  15. Lucky isn’t racist here. Unless I’m missing which part of this is funny… It’s not the names themselves, but the fact that someone was stupid enough to put them on the air. That’s what makes it funny.
    It is sad that it is right after they are talking about the girl who died.

  16. Really people… relax… Yes, it was wrong just after the girl that passed away. Absolutely.

    But honestly, I had the biggest laugh in ages. Como on, racist? That’s when you talk bad about a person based on race. Or the commentator (I never ever watch Fox) was Asian? Someone just played a joke on Fox, that’s it.

    Maybe it’s because I’m European, I don’t know. But every time I’m amazed by how easily Americans use the racism-card. Come on, relax! I have black friends, asian friends, latino friends, gay friend and we all make fun of each other. The fear of racism is sometimes more dangerous than racism itself.

  17. There is absolutely nothing racist, racially insensitive, or anything else pertaining to race about this, to any extent greater than “Mike Hunt” is racist against whatever type of people tend to be named “Mike”. It is generally insensitive given the circumstances.

  18. It’s amazing that some people don’t find this racist. If she said “Captain Cornrows and Firstmate Fried Chicken”, people would be rioting in the streets (i.e. Paula Deen).

  19. Ok, the underlying “joke” scores at most a 3 – its pretty sophomoric. Then you assess a 5 point penalty for being insensitive, and it scores a -2. Punking the self important media, independent of the content, scores a 10.

  20. @A Kimyai – your “comparative” example is so ridiculous that I’m not sure if you’re even being serious. Either way it’s humorous on its own.

  21. Ah, the New Media (Lucky and the blogosphere) mocking the Old Media for getting punked. Just wait till FOX airs footage of Ben walking around in QF jammies…..

    seriously, if you’ve read this blog long enough, you’ve seen Lucky be accused of just about everything. But racism seems to be new one on the list!

  22. @A Kimyai: I disagree with your comparison. Those examples attempt to derive humor from stereotypes about race, which the fictitious names released do not.

    @RL: I am sure you you don’t intend to sound as offensive as you do when you use the term “retard” to disparage someone’s intelligence.

  23. @FoodEater:

    It’s amazing to me that you find the terms “retard” and “Captain Cornrows” offensive, yet fail to recognize that “Captain Sum Ting Wong” is highly derogatory. Mocking an Asian accent, especially in light of the tragedy, is just plain wrong.

  24. Huge loss of face in the eyes of the asians
    ( for the dopes that came up with the remarks considering the serious incident )

  25. Whatever this is, it isn’t racist. It could be construed to be an ethnic slur, as you could argue that the ethnicity of Koreans is being mocked. Even that seems a little thin to me, but I’m not Korean. But if it had been a Russian plane and someone had joked that the pilot was Igor Nothianov, it would just be regarded as a sophomoric joke, not racist or an ethnic slur.

  26. Some Asians have already commented on this and stated they found it funny. Lighten up, people. You live a boring life if the first thing u think of is racism.

  27. I will not instruct member of any group that something they feel is a slur is not a slur. If for no other reason, its a low yield proposition. BUT, if the store had been “[a]n intern at NTSB issued a bogus release containing a slur” the story would have gotten NO traction. While there may be a slur embedded in the story, the STORY is that NTSB lacked internal controls and the TV station failed to detect the hoax. I would hope this would mitigate any offense some take.

  28. “You live a boring life if the first thing u think of is racism.”

    Boring life? Wrong, in many cases the person is actually a closet racist, homophobe etc. Think about the pious anti-gay Christian that gets caught wanking in a public men’s room or someone oh so concerned about the poor yet they cheat on their taxes – those examples are closer to the type of person crying racism over stuff like this.

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