Hyatt Gold Passport points on sale tomorrow with Daily Getaways

A couple of weeks ago I posted the details of the fifth (and last) week Daily Getaways promotions, which seemed to be the most exciting of the bunch.

In my opinion the most exciting offering of the week (and the promotion as a whole) are Hyatt points on sale for less than a cent each. This promotion will go live tomorrow, Thursday, July 11, at 1PM ET.

As a reminder, when purchasing Daily Getaways packages you receive a 10% discount when paying with an American Express card, so factoring in the discount, the packages are as follows:

  • 24,000 Gold Passport points for $234 (100 available)
  • 30,000 Gold Passport points for $297 (35 available)
  • 36,000 Gold Passport points for $373.50 (15 available)
  • 69,000 Gold Passport points for $697.50 (15 available)

Quantities are extremely limited though if you’re able to snag one of these they’re an absolute bargain. Keep in mind Hyatt’s top category six properties go for just 22,000 points per night, even though they often retail for over $1,000 per night. So if purchasing points through this promotion you’re paying the equivalent of ~$220 per night at a top Park Hyatt property. That’s pretty tough to beat.

Good luck to everyone, and may the fastest clicker win!


  1. Hi Lucky,

    Basic question: the deal states that the offer is only valid for hotels belonging to a given category, if that’s the case, then the value of this promotion is reduced. For example, the 69K points can be only used at Category 4 hotels, which does not include most of the Park Hyatt.
    Any insight about this restriction?

    Thanks a lot,


  2. David;
    I think you just get the points and you do whatever you want with them; 69K points is enough for 3 nights at Park Hyatt regular standard rooms.
    They make it sound nicer and a little confusing hoping you will not read the fine print.

  3. @ R B — Yes, but this doesn’t qualify as purchasing points for the purposes of that limit.

  4. @ David — Rami is correct, they’re just giving an example of how you could use points. In reality the points will be deposited in your account and you can do whatever you want with them.

  5. Damn! Should have my Hyatt number available as it required as the first step before proceeeding!!!! Felt like I was one of the first ones at 1:00:01

  6. I clicked it at slightly before 1pm eastern and all of them are already gone. Sorry, this inventory is already on hold for other customers while they complete their order.

  7. Yeah, all gone immediately. I don’t understand the point. If Hyatt are willing to sell points at these prices, why sell so few packages?

  8. Roger, how was this VERY PUBLIC OFFER ruined by the blogsphere? Because you didn’t get one? Very self-centered of you.

    What about those others who did get it because the blogs talked about it? The bloggers made the deal possible for those people. And for Hyatt, the increased blog exposure got them the marketing buzz they were looking for.

    I completely whiffed on all 4 Hyatt packages, but that’s part of the game. You are not entitled to get all of the best deals for yourself.

  9. @lucky – no scripts just some good ole fashioned mouse clicking. Won’t go into detail for fear of the “blogosphere” ruining my little world. Lol 😉

  10. I actually got the 69K offer with fairly little trouble. Opened the page, hit reload starting at 11:58 (central time), and when the page showed the offer, hit buy. Sort of amazed it worked. Thanks!

  11. I was hitting refresh on two computers at 9:58 pacific time through 10:10a and got dippity do nah. Impressed that some people got them. Seemed impossible.

    Did score the Hertz points which were a pretty great deal (two anytime week rentals for $250)

  12. I, too, was hitting the buttons from 9:58 to 10:10, when the last one finally sold out. I had two computers working this thing. Too damned much competition—- guess I’ll just skip this from now on. My time is worth more than this, and the minimal number of sale items leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If you did that at Best Buy, the FTC would come down on you.

  13. no script, pure luck. We (2 computers) hit the refresh at 12:59:58 EDT and immediately got the buy now button to work. And the rest was history.

  14. i take all the buyers who say they were able to snag the points with a gigantic grain of salt. there will always be those who brag since they don’t have to show what they actually got (or didn’t get)

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