Thai delays A380 London Heathrow service till October 2014

About a month ago I posted about Thai’s announcement that they’d be commencing A380 service to London Heathrow as of December 1, 2013. Well, via Business Traveller is appears as if this service has been delayed by about 11 months, and they now plan on putting the A380 on the London Heathrow route as of October 30, 2014.

They claim this is due to “important technical modifications.” I don’t know what that actually means, though this is an odd delay given that they’ve been actively taking delivery of A380s up until now.

As I’ve always said about Thai, I don’t think there’s an airline that changes their schedule more often than them, so I’m really not surprised. Heck, I wouldn’t rely on the October 30 launch date either, it could very well be substantially earlier or later.

Just a heads up to anyone that was eying an award seat on the route…


  1. It appears this may be a result of a recent AD related to the A380 Wing. It appears all in service A380s require a wing modification. I’m extrapolating that this mod requires TG to use their new aircraft (to be delivered to support the LHR route) to backfill the existing A380 routes while repairs are underway for the in service fleet.

    Here’s a article referencing the mods:

  2. Lucky-

    I have 2 seats in first booked (award) for February 2014. What aircraft will Thai have on the route at that point (if not the A380) and what is that first product like?



  3. Phew! I was going back on forth just last week whether to go LHR or CDG (outbound to BKK); decided on BKK due to timing to SN flights from BRU.

    BTW, Andrew ( was outstanding again in helping with itin & booking using US Air miles – trip of a lifetime for my wife (solo!)

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