Daily Getaways sale for Wyndham Rewards points begins shortly

At 1PM ET today Daily Getaways has one of the most exciting offerings, whereby they’re selling Wyndham Rewards points at a nice discount.

As always when purchasing a Daily Getaways package you’ll want to pay with an American Express card, which entitles you to a 10% discount on package prices. At 1PM ET the following packages of Wyndham Rewards points are going on sale (factoring in the 10% discount for paying with an American Express card):

  • 14,000 points for $75.60 (500 available, maximum two per person)
  • 32,000 points for $172.80 (450 available, maximum one per person)
  • 40,000 points for $216 (440 available, maximum one per person)
  • 60,000 points for $324 (100 available, maximum one per person)
  • 75,000 points for $405 (200 available, maximum one per person)

So essentially that’s a consistent rate of 0.54 cents per point.

Wyndham points can be converted into airline miles at the following ratios:

  • 8,000 points gets you 3,200 miles
  • 17,500 points gets you 7,000 miles
  • 30,000 points gets you 12,000 miles

So basically points can be converted to miles at a 2.5:1 ratio, and since you’re picking up points at 0.54 cents each, that’s essentially an opportunity to pick up miles at 1.35 cents each, which is an absolute steal.

They partner with programs like Aeroplan, American, Delta, United, and US Airways, so there are lots of options for converting points.

There’s probably going to be lots of competition for these packages, so you’ll want to be there exactly at 1PM ET refreshing your page if you’re interested in taking part in this.

Good luck, everyone!


  1. @Bob

    of course it’s easier than last year… the prices have doubled since. no longer a great deal like before.

  2. it is not only for americans. just open aadvantage account and wyndham account, it is online and everybody can do it and purchase the points.

  3. I picked up 167,000 Wynd pts convertable to 67,000 airline miles. Even at the higher price this year, picking up United or AA miles at 1.35 cents per mile is great deal.

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