And the winner of 22,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points (and more) is…

To celebrate their awesome new partnership with MGM, Hyatt was kind enough to sponsor a giveaway for 22,000 Gold Passport points, two Las Vegas show tickets, and one MGM Resort experience. All I asked you guys to do was complete the phrase “when in Las Vegas, you’re in luck when…” and leave a comment on the blog by last night.

I used to pick the winner, and out of 1417 entries it chose #1246.

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 2.18.03 AM

George, who left comment 1246, wrote the following:

“When in Las Vegas, you’re in luck when it’s time to check out of your upgraded suite, $20 trick, and head home and your spouse still loves you, you still have money in your pocket and you have been upgraded to first class on your flight.”

And I must say picked a damn good entry, in my book. Congrats, George, and I’ll be in touch shortly.

Thanks to everyone that participated and also to Hyatt for sponsoring.


  1. I actually DID get bumped to first coming back from Vegas once. Here’s how it happened, for y’all’s future reference.

    I had treated my sister to the trip. I knew she had several long-held goals and I’d already satisfied one of them; she’d always wanted to ride in a limo so we went to a restaurant that provides free limo service.

    She’d always wanted to fly first class too and the trip from LAS to SEA on Alaska is $50 per seat to upgrade, if there’s room. I decided to see if there was and got in line.

    Behind me was the most OBNOXIOUS couple who were speaking to one another in huge voices about how they were going to get FC upgrades. They were trashing the airline, other passengers, etc – it was SO weird.

    Anyway, I asked about the upgrades and the nice guy at the counter looked and said, “yes! There are two seats. Would you like to get them?”

    I hesitated a moment because – $100! But then I said with resolution, “yes” and went to get out the credit card. The counterguy was looking at the couple of loud mouths with distaste and then he looked down at me and said quietly, “put that away. It’s fine”.

    And my sis and I flew home first class! But even more fun was watching the couple being told “no” a few minutes later.

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