$35 Uber credit for new members is back!

Almost identical to the deal that was offered about a month ago, Uber is offering a “no strings attached” $35 credit to new members. Uber is an on demand car service whereby you use their app to request a car, and one will show up (usually) within minutes. They can see your location and you can see their location. Best of all there’s no cash with the transaction, and you’re automatically charged through Uber — even tip.

Anyway, they have a standard sign-up bonus of $10, though right now through Gilt there’s an additional $25 bonus for new members, for a total of $35, more than enough for a “free” ride.

To get the bonus you can first order a free $25 Uber bonus certificate for new members through Amazon Local (which must be requested by July 10, and redeemed by August 31), which can be done here. You should receive an email with the free $25 certificate within half an hour or so of placing the order.


Once that’s complete you can sign up for Uber, and will automatically be given a $10 credit. You can sign up using my referral link, or otherwise feel free to post your link below and people can sign up through there.

Once you have an Uber account and have received your $25 certificate, you can go to the “promotions” page of your Uber account and enter the promotion code from Amazon Local. Your account will then reflect a $35 credit.

It really is that easy, and if you’re not yet a member this is a really easy way to get a $35 Uber ride for free.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. Uber has been shut down in Los Angeles — unfair competition with taxis that are regulated by the city, like gypsy cabs. Look for this to happen in other cities.

  2. Mike, I used your referral link 🙂

    In case anyone would like to use mine, here it is:


  3. If anyone wants to use my Uber link for their $10 referral credit:

  4. My account looks different, it shows the $25 Promotion in “Available Promotions” but my account says “Your account has the following UberCredit balances.
    $10.00 USD”

    Any idea why mine looks different than yours? Wondering how that would be applied, same or different?

  5. The $10 credit shows. The $25 does not but it says it was applied when the code was entered… any ideas ???

  6. This ONLY works for US members. Not shown on the amazon page, however after adding the coupon to the Uber page it shows in the terms that this cannot be applied in Europe/Asia.

  7. @ Jeremy @ Charlie — I’d give it a few hours to post to your account. Didn’t take advantage of it this time around since I joined last time, though this stuff isn’t always instant unfortunately.

  8. Unlike the previous promo, this one provides a coupon for $25 off, not $25 credit. Also can anybody explain what it means “not valid on taxi”? What’s the difference between a taxi and uberX? Do I know which one I’m ordering?

  9. Got the voucher and the $10 credit yesterday, just happened to be in San Francisco used it tonight to and from dinner. Six dollars total out of pocket. Thank you for the great post… as always

  10. I got $10 credit at sign-up. But after i applied amazon voucher, i got a free uber ride certificate that expires by 9/1/2013. I did not get the $35 credit.

  11. @Lucky,
    Btw, I signed up using your referral link. I believe you derserve the refeeral fee because you have done so much for us for free.

  12. @Andy,
    The $25 comes in the form of a “Free Ride” up to $25. It does not show up as a credit however you are not charged for the ride as long as it costs less than that. You can’t carry a balance leftover, it has to be used on one ride.

  13. @Charlie,
    What if the ride is over $25? Will the credit still apply? Will it use both $25 and $10?

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