Limited time sign-up bonus on JAL Mileage Bank JALUSA Card!!!

The Japan Airlines USA Card (or JALUSA CARD, as they seem to call it) doesn’t get much play around here, but after this promotional sign-up bonus I think it may. Japan Airlines is offering an amazing bonus, but only to the first 100 approved applicants. If you’re one of the first 100 approved applicants you’ll get JAL’s “CUTE” (not sure if that’s an acronym or what their obsession is with CAPS) airplane mascot, Sirotan!


I mean, what more could you possibly want in a credit card sign-up bonus?

It’s worth noting the very important terms & conditions, though:

* Product is shipped to the JAL USA cardholder’s billing address.
* Please note, delivery times may vary per applicant.
* Void where prohibited by law.
* Limit one gift per primary member.
* No return and/or exchanges allowed.

So if plush airplanes are prohibited by law where you live, this just isn’t your lucky day…

Now we just have to see if EVA Air will match a similar sign-up bonus, ideally with a plush airplane of one of their Hello Kitty jets. I’m just hoping they let you choose whether you prefer the Music Jet, Clouds Jet, or Apple Jet. I’m a Music Jet fan myself.

(Tip of the hat to Andrew)


  1. @FFU Love it!

    When I saw this last night, I couldn’t stop laughing. The best part is: it is limited to the first 100. Even infomercials don’t limit to first 100.

    Better act fast!

  2. Haha, this has to be the funniest post I’ve read in a long time. Limited only to 100 was the icing.

  3. This is almost good as some of the deals JAL has here in Japan: A 500 miles JAL Visa sign-up bonus or my all-time favourite: 2% off your first flight purchase.

    The life of an expat in Japan is never boring!

  4. Trust me, these signup bonus are pretty awesome compare to some of the signup bonus you get in Taiwan. i.e. 2 free movie tickets, a free meal at a designated restaurant on your birthday (valued at $15usd)… and that’s it. I got approached a few times about this, and while I respected their professionalism for this, I was tempted to tell them the kind of signup bonus I got, and even got me to the Maldives and back in Business class.. life you see in different parts of the world!

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