Daily Getaways week five deals posted: deals with Hyatt, Fairmont, and Hilton!

Daily Getaways is a pretty awesome promotion that has been running the past few years to promote US tourism, sponsored by the US Travel Association and American Express. There’s no doubt over the years that the deals have been devalued somewhat, both in terms of the actual value of the deals, and also how difficult it is to snag them. There’s a lot of competition for a limited number of packages, so nowadays it’s almost like a lottery for the better deals.

Anyway, this year the deals haven’t been that great for the most part, in my opinion. I shared my thoughts for the first weeks of the promotion in this post, though now they’ve finally published the calendar for the last week of the promotion, running July 8-12. Here’s what the schedule looks like:


The Hertz and Vegas deals probably aren’t all that valuable to most, so I’m sure you can decide on those on your own. What I’m most interested in are the Hilton, Hyatt, and Fairmont packages.

Hilton is offering the following packages (accounting for the 10% discount you get for paying with an American Express card):

  • 100,000 HHonors points for $495 (160 available)
  • 150,000 HHonors points for $742.50 (200 available)
  • 250,000 HHonors points for $1,237.50 (200 available)

Basically they’re selling HHonors points for roughly half a cent a piece. Prior to Hilton’s huge devaluation I would’ve said that was a good deal, though post-devaluation this isn’t a rate at which I’d buy Hilton points unless I had a specific use in mind. I now value HHonors points at roughly 0.4 cents each.

Hyatt is offering the following packages (accounting for the 10% discount you get for paying with an American Express card):

  • 24,000 Gold Passport points for $234 (100 available)
  • 30,000 Gold Passport points for $297 (35 available)
  • 36,000 Gold Passport points for $373.50 (15 available)
  • 69,000 Gold Passport points for $697.50 (15 available)

All four of those are outrageously good deals, given that they’re basically selling Gold Passport points for a cent each. I value Gold Passport points at 1.6 cents each, so this is a rate at which I’d buy points all day. Unfortunately the quantities are extremely limited with only a total of 165 packages, so the chances of snagging one of these will probably be slim.

As a reminder Hyatt’s top tier properties go for 22,000 points per night, so at this rate you’d basically be buying a night at the Park Hyatts in Paris, Tokyo, the Maldives, etc., for ~$220.

The Fairmont deal is only intriguing under certain circumstances. They’re offering the following:

  • Six certificates valid for one night each at the The Fairmont Orchid or The Fairmont Kea Lani, including breakfast. The certificates can be redeemed together or individually, and there are no expiration or blackout dates. The cost is $1,620 (15 available).
  • Three certificates valid for one night each at The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, including breakfast. The certificates can be redeemed together or individually, and there are no expiration or blackout dates. The cost is $607.50 (10 available).

While I’m generally opposed to package deals given the lack of flexibility they provide, I actually think the Hawaii Fairmont offer could be a really good one under the right circumstances. $270 a night including tax and breakfast is pretty tough to beat in Hawaii, especially with the flexibility of using the certificates together, individually, for multiple rooms, etc.

The Fairmont Kea Lani is an all suite property, and in looking at rates it seems they’re often ~$600 or so per night with tax.


I’m not much of a Hawaii person, but that is a very good deal. Especially for a weekend getaway for a larger family where you want two rooms for three nights each.

Which offers do you guys plan on trying to take advantage of?


  1. I wouldn’t dismiss the Hertz points so easily, they can be a lifesaver when other redemption options are exorbitant. Think Hawaii, one-way rentals, etc.

  2. I don’t think that Daily Getaways is an awesome promotion rather its a waste of time. The good deals are taken mostly by people who have some bot scripts that scrape the site till it lets them sell it. Have you noticed that the website will say 100 available, but when you click it it says too busy try again. Then you click and repeat. About 20 minutes later it all of a sudden goes to 0 available – sold out.

    If you can buy it legitimately, it probably is not one of the few good deals Daily Getaways offers.

  3. My problem with Hertz points is that when you redeem them, the credit card insurance doesn’t work. SO you have to take the costly CDW for ~$28 a day!

  4. @Greg — That’s nonsense; I don’t have a script and I have gotten the points I wanted so far this year.

  5. @asar — If you have US car insurance and are renting in the US, you are covered by your own insurance.

  6. @Gene – That’s actually partly correct. While insurance will cover most things in the US, loss of use of the car by the rental company is not covered generally and neither are administrative costs which are generally bogus but the rental agency charges anyway.

  7. does anyone know if non-US AMEX cards also get the discount (in case i’m lucky enough to grab one of the hyatt deals)?

  8. Maybe I am missing something huge, but it seems that the Hyatt points can only be redeemed into the category in which they are earned. None of the above choices mention 6’s. They are only CAT 3-5. (“Package includes 30,000 Hyatt Gold Passport bonus points that may be redeemed at participating Hyatt Gold Passport Category 4 hotels.”)

    I am not sure how they will regulate how I spend my points, but I think we need to investigate before we start buying these to use at aspirational properties, right?

  9. @ Heather — Those are simply suggestions for how you can redeem points. These are points that will be redeemed into your Gold Passport points, so you can redeem them however you please.

  10. @ Tim — Hmm, now that could be really interesting. If that’s the case makes them even more valuable.

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