Reminder: American Express Membership Rewards points advance ends June 30, 2013

As I posted about back in March, American Express will be ending the ability to get a Membership Rewards points advance as of Sunday, June 30, 2013.


While I never took advantage of it, I always thought it was a nice offering. Basically if you have a personal Gold card they’ll loan you 15,000 points, while if you have a personal Platinum card they’ll loan you 60,000 points. The only condition is that you “pay” back the points within a year, meaning you earn those points back in your account either through spend or sign-up bonuses. Any points not earned back would be charged at a rate of 2.5 cents per point.

I’m surprised they’re getting rid of it because it keeps members loyal and if someone has an outstanding points advance they’re more likely to keep the card, not to mention if they do decide to cancel the card or don’t earn the points back, American Express is no doubt coming out ahead getting paid 2.5 cents per point.

Anyway, if you’d like a points advance because you’d like to transfer some points to a partner program, this is the “last call.”


  1. I am guessing the 75k points I will earn from the recent Biz Gold card won’t count towards the points I need to earn back, right?

  2. This was really a great feature – I used this for a SQ Suites award (was waiting for the 75k sign on bonus to hit). They will let you transfer them to a partner at the same time. Its really a shame that they are doing away with this.

  3. @ stvr — I posed a screenshot of the Membership Rewards T&Cs, which says it ends on June 30.

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