Iberia increases carry-on allowance!

While perhaps not actually significant for most of us, given what a bad week of news it has been in the airline industry, any good news without strings attached is worth sharing, in my opinion. It appears as if Iberia has actually increased the maximum size for carry-ons, as follows:

Previously the maximum dimensions were as follows:

So basically the maximum dimensions have increased by 1cmx5cmx5cm. But what I find especially interesting is that the only mention of weight for the new carry-on size is that it “must be light enough to easily be lifted into the overhead lockers.”

Anyway, Iberia now has a more generous carry-on policy than most US airlines, which limit carry-ons t0 22inx14inx9in, while the new Iberia measurements are 22inx17.7inx9.8in. Or using guy measurements, I believe that’s approximately 24inx20inx12in.

The best part of all this, though, is the subject line of the email they sent out:

Well done, Iberia… I think?

(Tip of the hat to Denis)


  1. I kind of wish you had posted the screenshot of the email subject line from Iberia announcing this to it’s North America members, quite funny…

  2. “Carry-on weight must be light enough to easily be lifted into the overhead lockers.” LOL!!!! I guess “easily lifted” may mean different weights for Shaquille O’Neal and myself. What a joke policy!!!!!

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