Possible increased sign-up offer on Chase Ink cards coming next week?

Next week is “small business week,” and to show their support Chase has published a page with what they’ll be offering next week.

So while I have no inside information on this, the above suggests they will be running some sort of special sign-up offers on the Chase Ink cards next week. So if you’ve been thinking about applying, you may want to wait till next week.

Certainly very curious to see what they offer, given that these cards already have extremely generous sign-up offers.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. I just got accepted for an Ink+, looking forward to seeing what the offer is so I can call in and hopefully get it.

  2. ugh, my wife just applied and got the card last week. do you expect Chase to match offers to recent signup customers?

  3. I just got accepted this week. Waiting for my card now. Like everyone else, now wondering if they’ll match the offer.

  4. Saw this as a part of the small business week promo on chase site. The rest of the copy read the same… 50K with 5K spend in 3 months… hopefully they change it for those who are planning on applying.

  5. On June 16, it will be exactly a month after my chase ink bold application. Here’s hoping that they will retroactively link the offer to my app.

  6. Is DISH Network covered under cable services? I’ve seen blogs that include satellite TV by name and other stick to “cable services” for the 5x bonus.

  7. Crap, applied 3 days ago and about to call reconsideration line to check on my status.


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